Ring a Ding Dong: Everything You Need to Know About Ring Products

July 4, 2022
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In the era where everyone is willing to make their homes smart, multiple products are popping into the market and making it difficult for a consumer to choose from. Where people are striving to make each corner of the home smarter, one must begin with essentials like a doorbell ring.

Smart doorbells have been in the market for a long time now, but there is a brand called ‘Ring’ that has got immense fame and appreciation from the entire world for its incredible doorbells and its supported technology. The brand itself convinced the world that, “gone are the days when people used to run to check who’s at the door after a ring of the doorbell.” Now you can watch and talk to the person at the door while sitting in the room or on the flight from the USA to London (or anywhere else). Not just this, the products include many features that make them outstanding.

Let’s see the ring doorbell products at a glance to know why they are so famous among consumers and are they a good pick for your home?

All About Ring Doorbells

The biggest reason why ring is considered a No.1 brand is its versatility. No matter whether you need a ring doorbell for an apartment, condo, or house. They have covered you everywhere.

You can also have multiple doorbells connected to a single phone and operate them simultaneously.

Easy Installation & Setup

Ring doorbells can be used with rechargeable batteries but it is not the recommended option. Ring products come with an installation kit (including a screwdriver too) to make it easier for you. You get an installation guide along with the package so that you do not rely on someone else. Still, if you want, you can call your local tech support providers. They will help you install the doorbell and configure your phone with the doorbell.

Video-Audio Call

Unlike before, now when someone rings your home, you simply open an app, see who is there at the door with the help of a camera, and then do the needful. Also, you can talk to the person at the door through the microphone. If you are not at home, you can instruct them to do things accordingly.

For instance, if you have a contactless delivery to come, you can ask the delivery person to keep the package at a certain place from the comfort of your room. Or even if you are in the office, you can still talk to and instruct them.

Motion Alerts

Ring understands well that home security is the priority, that is why there is a feature called ‘motion alert’ which notifies you when a person even crosses your home’s path.

It could be a useless feature for many, but the rest may know its worth of it. Especially the places where robberies are quite common. These doorbells can work as a CCTV camera to check if someone is trying to spy on you or your home.

You can set the range from which you want to have motion alerts. Please note, do not set a range that is too far from the home door as you may get frustrated due to many unnecessary motion alerts. Moreover, you may miss out on important alerts due to unwanted ones.

Shareable Access

If you live with your family, you can share the access to the doorbell with them so that you do not always have to stay updated with the notifications. Moreover, if your family will have access, they will be able to experience the ease of having a ring doorbell at home.

P.S. There is no limit to sharing the access, you can share with as many people. Just make sure you share with trustworthy people to avoid any mishappening.

Cloud Storage

You will love this feature. Many times you cannot see the notification at a time but you may like to see it later. This is now possible as the ring products come with cloud storage that captures every movement and face so that you can check later in the history.

It may help to find the suspect in case of any criminal or other essential events.

Other Alerts

Other than safety and convenience, there are a few more things you can do with ring products. If people in your area have ring doorbells using the neighbor function, you can get notified about things like power cuts, fires, lost pets, and criminal events. It makes it easier to plan things if it is not a good idea to go back home.

Also, the app notifies you when the battery starts draining and needs a replacement so that you do not rush for batteries late in the night.

The Bottom Line

We could not find anything that may discourage the purchase of ring doorbells. If you plan to make your home smarter, you must have to invest in good and durable brands. Still, if you face issues, you can contact your local IT support for assistance.

If combined with a Level smart lock, you will not have to worry about who is at the door.