Life360 & Find My iPhone: 12 Benefits to Using One Of These Servers

June 21, 2022
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Security and protection are top priorities for everyone, especially regarding our smart devices like TVs, watches, and phones. Thankfully, smart solutions are available to track and safeguard people and phones with user-friendly software. These software options provide accurate tracking and ensure your location remains private and secure.

You might be skeptical about the usefulness or necessity of tracking apps for your home, but take a moment to read this blog and discover why having apps like Life360 and Find My iPhone is crucial.

Why You Need Apps Like Find My iPhone Or Life360

These two apps serve different purposes but share similar advantages. One helps you track the location of your family (Life360), while the other enables you to locate a lost phone (Find My iPhone). Let’s explore why both are equally important to have installed.

Benefits Of Find My iPhone

Losing a phone is common, but you can retrieve it with the Find My iPhone app. This app works for iPhones, MacBooks, and iWatches, although some features may vary depending on the device.

1. Lost mode allows anyone who finds your phone to see a message displaying your name and phone number, urging them to contact you and return it. This message appears whenever the phone is switched on and connected to a cellular network. It disappears once you enter your passcode.

2. If you own a Mac, you can enable the lock feature in the Find My iPhone app. This allows you to secure your Mac with a custom 4-digit passcode that cannot be recovered by any other means. Remember the code, as forgetting it will result in data loss during unlocking. This feature ensures no one can tamper with your Mac when absent.

3. An activation lock provides an effective solution if someone refuses to return your phone. The phone becomes useless even if they learn your passcode but not your Apple ID and password. Activation lock wipes your data and renders the device unusable for another person as long as your Apple ID remains active.

4. If a kind-hearted person finds your phone and wants to return it, they can use the Find My iPhone app to locate you based on the location and personal details you provided.

5. In case your phone is stolen or lost, the Find My iPhone app allows you to protect your personal information. Enabling lost mode will suspend all debit and credit cards, even if the phone is offline. This ensures the safety of your banking details as well.

While the Find My iPhone app takes care of your phone, the Life360 app ensures the well-being of your family.

Benefits of Find My iPhone

Benefits Of The Life360 App

1. The place alerts feature notifies you whenever a family member enters or leaves a specific location you set in the app, such as school or workplace.

2. You can share your location (check-in) with your circle members as often as possible. Unlimited check-ins are convenient when you’re visiting multiple places.

3. If needed, you can access your circle members’ location history. This feature proves helpful when you want to revisit specific places without missing details.

4. In the unfortunate event of a vehicle crash, the Life360 app sends a push notification to the person driving or in the car. If there’s no response within 5 minutes, the app’s crash detection feature alerts all Circle members and emergency contacts, providing the accident’s location.

5. A 24/7 emergency dispatch notification with the user’s location is sent to AvantGuard, a monitoring solutions provider.

You can also request roadside assistance and towing services through the app. Submit your request, and the service provider will contact you to inquire about the issue with your vehicle and offer appropriate support.

Additionally, the Life360 app offers non-towing services like fuel delivery if you run out of gas on an unfamiliar road. These services are also available if you need a tire change, battery assistance, or help with a lockout situation.

Benefits of the Life360 App


In conclusion, having an app to locate a lost phone is essential, but it’s equally important to have an app that ensures the safety and well-being of your family. Losing a phone means losing valuable data like photos, videos, memories, and important information. Similarly, your family should never be left behind; they deserve immediate support and emergency assistance. That’s why having Life360 and Find My iPhone apps is highly recommended, allowing you to live peacefully.