Life360 & Find My iPhone: 12 Benefits to Using One of These Servers

June 21, 2022
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Security and protection is the foremost thing for anyone or everyone. Like smart TVs, smartwatches and smartphones. Now there are smart ways to track and protect a person or a phone device with smart protection software. These software are easy to use and offer accurate tracking. Moreover, these software are safe to share your location as they do not share the tracking information with anybody.

Though tracking apps are too helpful for your home, you may think that it is useless or unnecessary. Read this blog thoroughly to know why one must-have app like the Life360 app and Find My iPhone?

Why Should You Install Apps Like Find My iPhone Or Life360?

These two apps perform different functions yet have similar properties. One helps to track your family’s location (Life360), and another one helps to locate the lost phone (Find My iPhone). Let’s have a look at why both of them are equally important to be installed.

Advantages Of Find My iPhone

Losing a phone is quite normal, this happens a lot to people. If you have an iPhone, you can now get it back with the help of Find My iPhone app. This app can be used for iPhones, MacBooks, and iWatches. However, some features may differ as per product functions.

1. With the help of its lost mode, a person who finds your phone will get a message on the phone (when switched on and cellular network-enabled) with your name and phone number to contact and give it back to you. This message will always come whenever you switch on the phone and the mobile network. Once you enter your passcode, it will be dismissed.

2. If you have a Mac, you can enable the lock feature of the Find My iPhone app where you can lock your mac with a custom 4-digit passcode that cannot be recovered by any other means. Make sure you remember the pin if you forgot, you will also be unable to access and all your data will be erased in the process of unlocking the Mac. Usually, people use this feature to ensure that no one messes with their Mac when they are not around.

3. There is an amazing trick to get back your phone if someone refuses to give it back. Just enable activation lock. Even if someone learns your passcode but not your Apple ID and password, the phone will not be of any use. Activation lock deletes your data and makes it completely new yet a waste for another person as your Apple ID would still be activated.

4. If a nice person finds your phone and wants to give it back to you, they can locate you with the help of the location and personal details you would have given in the Find My iPhone app.

5. If someone steals your phone or you lose it somewhere, you can now protect your personal information through the Find My iPhone app. You just need to enable lost mode, all your debit & credit cards will be suspended even if the phone is offline. Thus, you do not need to worry about your banking details too.

Where you can take care of your phone with the Find My iPhone app, you must protect your family with the Life360 app.

Benefits Of Life360 App

6. With its place alerts feature, you can get notified when your family member enters or leaves a certain premise you set in the app (such as school or workplace).

7. You can share your location (check-in) with your circle member as many times as you want. Unlimited check-ins are good if you are out and about to visit many places.

8. If you want, you can check your circle member’s location history. This feature is really helpful in case you want to find something, it will help you visit those places again without any miss.

9. God forbid if your vehicle crashes in a road accident. Life 360 app sends a push notification to the user (driving or in the car). If the person does not respond within 5 minutes. The crash detection feature of the app will notify all the Circle members and emergency contacts about the accident with the location of the accident.

10. A 24/7 emergency dispatch notification will be sent to the ‘AvantGuard‘ to provide monitoring solutions on the user’s location.

11. You can avail of roadside assistance and towing services as well. You just need to go on the app and request the same. The service provider will get back to you asking about the problem in the vehicle and offer relevant support.

12. Also, you can avail of some non-towing services such as fuel delivery in case you run out of fuel in the middle of an unknown road. In case you need a tire change, battery and lockout services, you can avail of them as well.

The Bottom Line

When we can have an app to locate a lost phone, an app for family members’ protection is a must. Both have significance in life. Lost phone means all phone data which may include photos, videos, memories, or official information. On the other hand, families should not be left behind, they should get full support and emergency assistance without any delay. Thus, it is extremely important to have both apps on your phone (Life360 & Find My iPhone app) to live your life at ease.