BMW vs Tesla: Who Offers The Best Electric Vehicle?

May 6, 2022
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For a long time, electric cars have been in talks. Fortunately, today we are here, comparing one of the best electric vehicle manufacturing brands – Tesla and BMW. Indeed it was hard for us to make such a comparison as Tesla is a renowned brand in the electric vehicle (EV) industry, and BMW has been making combustion for decades. Still, it was fun doing it as, of course, electric cars are our future.

We have compared Tesla and BMW on various aspects below. Stick to this blog till the end for details and a conclusion

Tesla vs BMW: Which one is the best?

BMW and Tesla are compared based on:

  • Brands & Its Variations
  • Car Design
  • Dimensions
  • Battery, Its Range & Charging Life
  • Performance

Brands & Its Variations

When it comes to electric cars, the first name which comes to mind is Tesla. However, the fact can not overshadow the excellence of BMW in the vehicle industry that makes it a perfect competitor of Tesla.

BMW has two options to offer the entry-level e Drive40 and the faster one, the M50. Whereas, Tesla has four electric car variations available, Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3.

Therefore, Tesla allows you to choose from a wider range than BMW. Although, you cannot judge a brand with the number of its variations. It is a general difference between Tesla & BMW.

Car Design

Let’s keep mileage, power and other things aside for a while, as design matters. If you notice, there is a cultural gap between both the brands’ cars. You may prefer one over the other as per your own choice, but technically there could be no right or wrong in terms of design and styling.

BMW being BMW has a similar design to its 4 series. Especially if untrained eyes will see the BMW i4, they won’t feel the difference. A long curved screen that stretches the dash. Also, it lacks buttons which makes it futuristic and feel minimalistic. It maintains its design and style to not upset its fans. Moreover, the interiors are equally plusher and have a lot of soft leathers.

On the other side, Tesla comparatively has a different approach to styling with the steep front which gradually rises to the end. The interiors are made considering the comfort and status of the buyer making it quite spacious and luxurious.


Usually, people do not consider dimensions as an essential factor for decision making but it could be an important aspect for some. So here we go.

Tesla and BMW are more or less similar in terms of length, width and height. Just for an illustration, we have compared the dimensions of the BMW i4 and Tesla Model 3.

BMW i4 has L – 4783mm, W – 1852mm and H- 1448mm. Whereas Tesla Model 3 has L- 4693, W- 2087 and H- 1443mm. Still if one notices, BMW has a higher front and back. On the other hand, Tesla feels airier, all thanks to the glass roof that opens back to the trunk. Also, Tesla offers a lot of space in the center console and then in the trunk. Although many people are not happy with the opening size, it is still a quite spacious car in that range.

Battery, Its Range & Charging Life

Now, let’s come to one of the most critical factors when reviewing the two best electric cars from famous brands.

Unfortunately, Tesla doesn’t reveal its battery information officially so we do not have certain information. Moreover, it does not follow the model or year cycles. It just comes up with improvements every time it steps into the market with a new product. However, the Long Range Model 3 has a 75kWh battery which can go 250miles in real life.

On the other hand, BMW eDrive40 has 80.7kWh but that does not make a significant difference. Both cars can cover 300 miles in reality. A bit less in winters and a little more in summers.

In terms of pick up and speed, Tesla wins by a small margin. It is noticed, got reviewed, and estimated practically that Tesla is more efficient and utilizes more energy from its battery pack. Also, you get unrestricted access to the Supercharger network with Tesla.


Let’s talk about something interesting now! Tesla entry-level Model 3 can go out of the way with 239kW of power that will do 0-60mph within 6.1 seconds. And, the Long Range Model 3 can hit 62mph within 4.4 seconds.

Indeed BMW can easily beat the entry-level Model 3 with its 250kW of power that takes 5.7seconds to hit 62mph. So it is too hard to beat the Long Range Model 3. However, do not forget that German manufacturers tend to under-promise and over-deliver in the end. Thus, we believe there would be no major difference in performance.


If we talk about the numbers, Tesla wins the game as it is more efficient, faster, has a bit more range, better charging, more internal space and of course, the Supercharger network. Yet not all car buyers get convinced by the numbers. Some may always prefer a cabin feel and the familiarity of being in a premium German brand.

The conclusion of Tesla vs BMW is simple, if numbers impact your decision, go for Tesla or otherwise, going with BMW is again a fair deal.