Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox…Which Browser is the Best?

April 29, 2022
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If you are also one of them who wants to get out of the Chrome zone and check if there are some better options available in the web browsing software market. You have reached the right place! Do not hustle anymore, we have got an in-depth comparison between Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari so that you use only the best as per your needs.

Google Chrome has dominated the market with its easy access. However, there are browsers with many unique features that you won’t see in Google Chrome. We are not saying that Google Chrome is not good but you can always check browsers for different and influencing features.

Choose The Best Web Browser: Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox

Let’s begin comparing Chrome, Safari and Firefox on the basis of their essential features and customer requirements.


The rough measure of standards compatibility is the HTML5 test website. It gives scores to the browsers based on their compatibility with the moving target of web standards. The highest score possible is 555, where chrome maintains 528, Firefox 491, and Safari 468.

Therefore, in the comparison of compatibility with the HTML5 test website, Google Chrome wins the battle.

Moreover, Only Apple users are allowed to use Safari, which makes it less compatible with other devices.


Though speed tests cannot depict the real speed as the web browser speed is affected by many external factors such as internet connection and hardware configuration. However, if we talk about the web browser speed in general, Chrome works best on Windows 10, and Safari on macOS. Unfortunately, Safari loses the speed comparison as it is way slower than Chrome & Safari.

Do you know that Firefox offers built-in VPN services to its users at a minimal cost? Moreover, it not only hides your IP address, browsing history and cookies. It does not show your session activities from third parties so that you stay protected from all privacy-related cyber threats.

On top of that, Firefox and Safari offer fingerprint protection to prevent trackers from identifying you based on software and hardware tracker. On the other hand, Google does not have any of the above features to offer a private web browsing session.

Tools And Convenience

Everyone has different browsing needs so their toolbar should be customized as per their requirements so that they browse and do their work even faster. Unlike Chrome, you can customize your menu and toolbar with the ample options available including Add-ons, screenshots, synced tabs, etc.

Moreover, Firefox has a built-in screenshot tool. Safari offers a reading list where you can add websites that you like to read later (even when disconnected from the internet). Safari’s media supporter offers the best video quality experience. And, the best feature that makes Safari stand out is Apple Pay which allows payment transfer without entering shipping, payment and contact information, it is done with the passcode and fingerprints. However, it is still underrated as Safari can only be accessed through Apple products whereas Google Chrome and Firefox are universal web browsers that can be used on any mobile, tablet, computer or laptop.

Comparison At A Glance

Use this comparative summary for quick decision making.

Google Chrome

  • Easy and stylish interface
  • Innumerous extensions
  • Customizable home screens (wallpaper and most used web pages)
  • Secure web browsing with incognito tabs
  • High-speed browsing
  • Universally acceptable (works on all types of devices)
  • Mostly used web browser for IoT
  • Search on websites through the search bar
  • Get instant information in the search bar itself (such as word meaning, weather information, currency exchange)
  • Easier media controls
  • Separate profiles for different accounts to keep your personal and professional life different
  • Interest-based articles for personalized browsing


  • Uses less memory than Chrome; faster speed
  • Multiple web extensions for customized and easy browsing
  • Use minimal memory so that your device works fine for other tasks too
  • Private browsing that hides activities as well along with cookies and browsing history during the private session from third-parties
  • Blocks around 2000+ ad trackers around the internet for a better web browsing experience
  • Exclusive Picture-in-Picture feature for better entertainment
  • Exclusive Reader mode and in-built screenshot tool


  • Less battery consuming web browser
  • 4K video streaming
  • Privacy report feature to share information about all the cross-site trackers that Safari prevented from profiling
  • Reading list
  • Exclusive extensions and add-ons for Apple users
  • Image to text translator

In The End

Though all browsers offer the best of their services. However, the best web browser decision is a subjective decision. If you are a student, you may like to go with Firefox as it offers many features that prevent distractions. Whereas if you are one of them whose priority is productivity, you must go for Google Chrome as its features are more convenient. Whereas designers and developers must opt for Safari (if having an Apple product) as its features are more focused on designing and developing.