Is Social Media Good For You?

September 5, 2022
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It’s been a long time since social media has entered our lives. For some, it is considered a blessing, while others may view it as a curse. Work and family responsibilities tend to take up much time in our daily lives, leaving little time for social interaction, until now. Through Social Media interacting with others is made possible. This generation is accustomed to communicating with others through social media on a daily basis.

Does social media help make your life easier?

Though this is a subjective question, we will highlight some of the advantages of being an active user of social media.

Helps To Become an Extrovert

It is always good to have at least one friend to talk to, but making friends is not always easy for everyone. There are those who struggle with in-person interactions, and social media provides a platform where anyone can have a conversation and communicate with others. Social Media is a place where you can find like-minded individuals without having to meet face to face.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have an algorithm where you get friendship suggestions based on your mutual interests and preferences so that it will become easy for you to communicate.

On the other hand, talking to complete strangers can be risky sometimes. Make sure you never give them private information, until trust is built and are certain on who you are talking to.

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Staying Connected 

When you are too busy living your life, it’s easy to lose touch with others.  Social media keeps you updated with your families and friend’s daily lives by letting you watch their recent updates, stories, and posts.

It becomes easy to stay connected with your loved ones, especially when you are able to see a snippet of what’s going on in their lives.

On the other hand, people usually update everything about their life. Some things are not meant to be posted because people may misuse the information. It is really important to have a conscious filter in mind about what things to upload and what should remain private.

Making Announcements

It can sometimes be a hassle to contact all your friends and family when you have an announcement to share.  With Social Media outlets, you can reach a large audience when sharing information, maybe you are buying a house, or going to have a baby. People use Facebook and Instagram all the time to make announcements.

Social media saves you time by communicating the message to the mass in the touch of a button. Just be aware, that if messages and announcements are made public, strangers can possibly view and hear about your news as well.

Long Distance is just a Detail

With social media, you can stay connected with loved ones and friends located in any time zone. That feeling of missing a person becomes a little less painful now that you can stay  updated with their everyday activities, what’s keeping them entertained, and anything else they are sharing on-line. Social Media allows chats, video calls, or audio calls to aid in staying connected with the long distance in between.

Instagram gives an option of going live in which you can speak with individuals in real time. This is just another example to keep the bond stronger when you cannot be face to face.

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News Travels Faster

In the past, the only way to share news was by it being published in the newspaper. Times have changed, social media has made it easier to reach the mass.

These days it is easy to make news go viral- meaning the news spreads quickly and widely on the internet. By sharing your information to popular social media groups, millions of people can be reached in a matter of minutes.

Social media is the cheapest way to spread news. However, many people misuse this platform to spread rumors, and it becomes difficult to confirm truth to the information that is being spread. This is why people should not   believe everything on social media. Even though the content may seem authentic, it is best if you check the facts.

Build New Relationships

Social media is a great place to network. If you are trying to open a business, or selling merchandise, on-line networking is a great way to let everyone know what’s happening, and what you are offering. Social Media can help increase your business.

In The End

All online platforms can be positive if used the proper way. Social media networking sites are not completely bad, you just have be cautious on the information you are providing to others about your personal life.   If you decide to use social media, it can help you stay connected with friend and loved ones. It can even help you make new friends. It’s a great place to find people that have the same interests as you, it can keep you up to date with what is happening not only in your community but around the world.  Just remember, everything you read and see online is NOT always true. Stay safe, remain cautious, and most importantly stay positive, don’t give in to spreading rumors, and you can definitely achieve a healthy social life.