Is Social Media Good For You?

September 5, 2022
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It’s been a long time since social media is in our lives. For some, it remains a blessing yet many curse its presence. With increased work pressure, family responsibilities, and personal commitments. A person somewhat stopped interacting in real-time which is again made possible due to social media networking sites.

Does social media help make your life easier?

This question is still subjective, yet we will overshadow some of the advantages of being an active user of social media.

Helps To Become Extrovert

Having friends is necessary for everyone but making friends is not easy for all. Many people feel shy while interacting with someone in-person which resists making more friends. Social media provides a platform to them where they can interact with like-minded people without needing to meet. At least till the time, they do not get comfortable with each other.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have an algorithm where you get friendship suggestions based on your mutual interests and preferences so that it will become easy for you to communicate and make new friends.

On the other hand, talking to strangers could be sometimes risky too. Make sure you do not be an open book until you build trust with another person.

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Forsters Empathy

You must be too busy living your life and performing your jobs, perhaps you barely get time to keep a regular check on everyone close to you. That is completely natural and understandable. However, it doesn’t mean you do not want to stay updated with their life chores. Social media keeps you updated with your family and friends’ lives by letting you watch their recent updates, stories, and posts.

Many times you may call a friend just by watching their recent social media update. It helps to maintain a healthy relationship with close ones.

On the other hand, people usually update everything about their life which a lot of people should not know or may misuse the information, so it is really important to have a conscious filter in mind about what things to upload or not.

Mass Reach

As the time being thinner and thinner, there is very less time you may get for your personal commitments and to call everyone individually to share the information.

For instance, you bought a new house and you would like to send an invitation to all your family members and friends. It could be difficult if you do it individually. Rather making a personal event on Facebook and sharing it with everyone would be a much better idea.

Social media saves your time by communicating the message to the mass in a go.

Distance Matter Less

There would be many of your friends or family members who got settled in another city or country. Probably you miss them a lot, but social media makes that feeling of missing a little less as you stay updated with their life chores; you keep talking to them on chat, video calls, or audio calls.

Moreover, many social media networking sites like Instagram give an option of going live. So all these social media features do not let you feel the distance in real life and hence, keep the bond stronger as it was.

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News Travel Faster

Earlier it was too difficult to share news without publishing it in the newspaper. Now, there is no need to get the news print in the newspaper so that it reaches the masses.

If it is powerful news, you can viral it through social media easily. Share the news with some popular social media groups and ask them to share it further on their feeds.

Social media is the cheapest way to share news in less time. However, many people misuse this platform to spread rumors about their personal interests. That is why maximum people do not easily believe social media news and look for authentic statements on the same, resulting in the news being less impactful.

Build New Relationships

Social media is often considered a relationship breaker. Yet there is another side of the story as well. When you meet like-minded people on the social media network, it becomes easier to converse with them as chatting with someone is easier than meeting and talking.

Sometimes these online friendships turn into healthy and sweet relationships, all thanks to social media. However, you must be wise enough to choose the right person to develop a relationship as many social media users get into trouble by talking to strangers.

In The End

All online platforms are made with due diligence so that they won’t hurt anyone’s sentiments and hamper someone’s personal space. Thus, social media networking sites are not bad. However, your way to utilize those platforms is subjective. If you use social media to make new friends, have a healthy social life, and stay connected with your close ones, there is nothing wrong with it. If you use it to share rumors, bully someone, or do other wrongful acts. Then, you are not only making it worse for yourself but for others too. Hence, be very cautious about your words and actions on social media so that it remains a great way to maintain a healthy social life.