Online Parental Guidance: Should You Monitor Your Kid’s Devices?

September 13, 2022
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The children in this generation  are well advanced and know a lot more about smart devices, and computers  than most parents. However, kids being kids are not aware of the darker side of the internet. Let’s take a look and see if  parents should consider monitoring their children’s devices.

Is it okay to monitor my child’s device?

There is no harm in monitoring your child’s device. By doing so, you can protect them from online threats such as cyberbullying, cybercriminals, predators and inappropriate content. You can use online parental control apps for real-time device monitoring.

Here are some benefits of monitoring devices:

Scan the device

When using an app to monitor your child’s device, you get notified about all the explicit content they may see on the internet. The app will scan all photos, videos, emails, text, and other mobile functions.

For instance, if your child gets an email that has a words such as “drugs”, or “sex” you will be notified without your child knowing. You will be able to check what websites are being viewed and messages they are receiving.

Manage Your Child’s Searches

Just as adults search for information online, children tend to do the same. However, not all searches are appropriate for children. An infinite amount of content and information about all topics make the search engine vulnerable to kids.

It can be a good idea to monitor their online searches to avoid inappropriate content and block any information that is not age approved.

You can control the exposure of information to the kids by turning on the Google SafeSearch on your child’s device.

Online Parental Guidance

Control Gaming Access

Many kids love playing online games these days, especially when the content tends to be more interactive and the graphic. It is safe when the children are playing with family members and known friends.

However, it can be a dangerous place when they are playing with strangers. It doesn’t hurt to be a bit cautious, and keep an eye on what games they are playing and the interactions they are having to keep them safe from predators.

Controlling some gaming features such as live audio chat with strangers or in-app purchases is a great place to start. It can restrict your kid’s interaction with strangers and reduce the risk of banking details being leaked.

Track Your Kid’s Location

Even if your child is in the school, you want to be assured that they are safe and at the right place. It is impossible to be with them all the time, so having a parental control app installed on your kid’s phones will check their real-time location with the help of GPS technology. Also, in the time of emergency, you will be able to find your child immediately.

Though it is a great feature, it does require a GPS network which may not work in some areas. Thus, it is still a good idea to teach them important safety measures such as – not talking to strangers and not leaving the school premises until someone comes to pick them up.

Prevent Cyber Crimes

Cybercrime is a multi-billion industry, and cybercriminals keep looking for that one small mistake to steal your information to use in their favor.

By using a monitoring device, you can monitor if your child is having an interaction with a cybercriminal or has accidentally given private information to an on-line stranger. It is vital to practice all safety measures when it comes to  cybersecurity and always stay one step ahead.

Talk to your children and  discuss the consequences of cyber criminal acts and how they can stay safe from them. Teach them not to share bank details or using credit cards anywhere online, especially without your permission or approval.

Control Screen Time

Excess screen time can be addictive and can harm your children’s eyes and mental development. It can be beneficial to your child to limit their screen time to avoid future problems of addiction. A screen monitoring app can be used to help.

Using  the help of online parental control apps or monitoring devices can help you protect your children  when they online. By controlling the screen time on your child’s phone, they will not be able to access their phones without your approval once the limit is exhausted.

Back-Up your Data

Kids my tend to delete files to create more space in their devices. Thus, it is a good idea to back-up all files in the parental control app or device so that you do not lose vital files or information.

The Bottom Line

If you think that your child may be exposed to some explicit content which is not appropriate for their age or mental development. There is no harm in  monitoring all their devices to keep them safe from online threats. If you need guidance to operate an online parental control app, you can connect with your nearest local tech support.