Mobile Hacks To Keep Your Smartphone Charged During A Power Outage

January 25, 2023
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Power outages caused by severe weather or other natural disasters almost always affect some of us. The disruption may last for hours or even days. And for the majority of us, a phone is a necessity. Additionally, we use it as our primary method of communication to ask for assistance and check in on loved ones and neighbors.

We have compiled a list of a few mobile hacks to keep your smartphone charged during a power outage. Looking around your home to see what options are already there is the most obvious choice.

Tips For Conserving Your Phone’s Battery

Your phone is now considered to be essential. You can use it to stay in touch with family and friends, keep track of weather conditions and other emergencies, and call for help in an emergency when there is no power.

These factors make it crucial to preserve your phone’s battery life during a power outage. Here are a few pointers to help you prolong the battery life of your phone:

1. Utilize Existing Power Sources

If there’s no power, even a fully charged laptop won’t help you communicate with the outside world. In this case, your laptop essentially becomes an overpriced phone battery. Connect your phone using a connector. Keep your phone in low power mode to avoid using more power than necessary.

You can also use your car. When your phone’s battery is turned on only, you should still be able to charge it if you have a charger that plugs into your car; many relatively new cars have USB ports. If you must start the car, make sure to do so safely.

Drive your car outside if it’s in a garage to prevent carbon monoxide from accumulating there and nearby your home. It might not be safe to simply open the garage door.

Utilize Existing Power Sources

2. Maintain “Low Power Mode” On Your Phone

The majority of contemporary phones have a “low power mode” feature you can activate to lower the amount of power your phone uses, extending the life of your phone. This function is accessible through Settings.

Battery conservation is aided by switching your phone to “Low Power Mode” or “Power Saving Mode.” Low Power Mode is typically used when your phone’s battery is 20% or less. However, turning it on earlier will help conserve power even more and may be very useful in a power outage.

3. Purchase A Solar Charger

You can purchase solar banks with integrated USB ports so you can charge your phone and other electronic devices. 48 hours of lighting can be produced by ten hours of sun exposure. A 4,000 mAh capacity is claimed for the power bank, which is “enough to charge your smart Phone 1.5–2 times.”

4. Carry A Portable Charger With You

Your phone will stay charged if you purchase a few portable chargers and make sure they are fully charged before a storm. These are also fantastic if you frequently travel and don’t want to fight for outlets and shared charging stations in public places like airports. 

These external battery packs, depending on the price you’re willing to pay, can recharge a phone one to seven times on a single charge, depending on the phone.

Carry A Portable Charger With You

5. Make A DIY Charger At Home

Create sufficient power for a phone charger to function by using eight D batteries, paper clips, and tape. The battery’s positive and negative terminals are connected on both sides by paper clips. To obtain power, the charger is connected to the end’s free terminals.

6. Disable Bluetooth And Wi-Fi

Having Bluetooth turned on makes your phone keep looking for a device to connect to, whether you are connected to one or not, which causes your battery to discharge more quickly.

Your phone will persistently try to connect to a network even if you are not using Wi-Fi. Similar to turning off Bluetooth, disabling this setting will save energy.

7. Switch To Airplane Mode

When you enable Airplane Mode, your phone will be disconnected from the cellular network. Similarly, it will disable your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. While you can still connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, Airplane Mode conserves battery life by turning off these running features until you need them.

Switch to Airplane Mode

8. Let Your Phone Sleep More Quickly

It is useless to leave your smartphone’s display on when you aren’t even using it because it consumes a lot of battery life. Reducing the time it takes for your phone to enter sleep mode will help.

The system will also turn on a feature called Doze mode whenever your screen is off or the phone hasn’t been used for a while on any reasonably recent Android phone. As long as your phone is not in use, that automatically reduces network usage and other resource-intensive services.

9. Remove Any Background-Running Applications

You’d be surprised how many apps continue running in the background even after you close them. They could be doing something as simple as determining your location so that your maps app opens faster. Or they could be collecting your information to sell to third parties. They’re a drain in either case. Remove them, and your phone will last much longer.

Wrapping Up

Remember that while having a fully charged phone is a tremendous precaution, it is no guarantee that you will be able to make calls through your network. During a storm or an emergency, cell towers can become damaged, overloaded, or powerless. But do follow the above-said tips if you wish to keep your smartphone battery charged during a power outage.