Outlook vs Mac Mail: How Do They Even Compare?

June 4, 2022
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When it comes to professionalism, the mailing is the most adapted way of written communication that people have been using for ages. Earlier, mailing was only used to keep records of all the communication that is done between the two parties. Yet with the technological advancements and changed working preferences, emailing now offers much more than just keeping records.

You can create task lists, add events to the calendar, make address books, and much more. Earlier, maximum professional companies and employees were used to do emailing through Microsoft Outlook as it enables configuration of domain emails. Now, many big brands in the IT world like Google and Mac offer similar options such as Google mail (Gmail) and Mac Mail (now Apple Mail).

People with a Mac often get confused about whether to use Outlook or Mac Mail as their default mailing app. Certainly, you must be one of them, that is why you are still here. Read this blog till the end to get out of this dilemma.

Apple Mail vs Outlook

We have got a few differences between Outlook and Mac to help you the right one for you.


Outlook is a third-party email application by Microsoft that can be used on any computer, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. There are no special requirements that need to be done to operate Outlook.

Whereas, Apple Mail is only compatible with Apple products only. You cannot access Apple Mail through any android or Windows phone or PC. Thus, if you are an Apple user, then only you can access Apple Mail.


If you deeply dig into both email application features, you will realize that Outlook has many more features than Apple Mac for a professional. You can send attachments, access your e-calendar, block spam, find lost emails, schedule meetings, and ready mails using IMAP or POP protocols.

Apple Mail is not as sophisticated as Outlook. It does not have any search function like Outlook that makes finding emails easier and enhances work efficiency. Moreover, there are many more features that you will not find in Apple Mail but will be there in Outlook.

It would be right to say that Apple Mail is a subset of Outlook.


Outlook is the paid emailing application by Microsoft that you can purchase as a sole application or as a subscription service, known as Office 365. Whereas Apple Mail is an inbuilt app for Apple users. Anyone who has Apple products can use Apple Mail without any additional charges.

Platform Compatibility

If you use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint presentation, etc. for your daily work-related chores, you should use Outlook as an email client as all these apps are more compatible with Outlook than Apple Mail.

However, if you are comfortable with Mac inbuilt word, sheets, and presentation apps, then you must give preference to Apple Mail to avoid compatibility issues as Apple Mail is designed for Apple users and can be accessed only through Apple products.

Heavier Application

Outlook uses many CPU resources to offer all the features that it has for you even more than Apple Mail. That means Outlook is a heavier application than Apple Mail.

If you do want to use the features such as to-do, calendar, task list, etc. then you can use Apple Mail as there is no point in keeping a heavy application in your system.

User Interface

This one is quite a subjective point. For some, Outlook has a better UI as it includes everything at a glance. However, many of you may like Apple Mail as it has a simpler user interface that is easy to understand for beginners.

If the complexity of an application matters a lot, you must use Apple Mail first. Once you get comfortable with it, you can switch to Outlook whenever required.

Smart Features

While Apple Mail does not have as many features as Outlook. There are still some of the smart features with which Apple Mail makes its supremacy. Such as:

  • Sending large attachments to a group or a single recipient
  • Reminders for timely follow-up on projects, invoices, etc
  • Easy integration with social media apps such as Twitter and Facebook

Key Points: Apple Mail vs. Outlook

  • Apple Mail is more of a send and receives mails application. Whereas Outlook has a lot to offer for better productivity and work efficiency.
  • Outlook is a complicated application if compared to Apple Mail. New users can first use Apple Mail, then Outlook for easy understanding.
  • Apple Mail has a basic interface that gives an effortless emailing experience, whereas Outlook has vast features to offer resulting in a little more complex user interface.

The Bottom Line

If you need a more professional application, Outlook is a better option than Apple Mail. Whereas if you are a beginner and exploring the mailing application for the first time, Apple mail could be your first preference and later you can learn Outlook.