Tile or Apple Tags: Which One is the Best?

May 30, 2022
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There was a time when while finding keys or remotes, we used to wish to have a device which could track them and save our time. Finally, the big telecommunication brands heard this and got Bluetooth trackers for us! Now life would be simpler with these Bluetooth trackers. However, there is still a challenge to choose the best tracker which is suitable to your needs. In this blog, we are going to have a brief comparison between the Tile tracker and Apple AirTags to help you choose only the best for you.

Tile vs. AirTag: Which One Should You Buy?

After reading this comparison guide, you will have your decision in hand.


First of all, let’s start with one of the biggest factors we compare while choosing a product.

AirTags come for $29 while the four-pack will cost you $99. Whereas Tile’s prices vary with their product range. Tile Mate: $24.99, Tile Slim $34.99, Tile Sticker $29.99 and the premium Tile Pro costs $34.99. Thus, AirTag is a bit more expensive than a range of Tile trackers.


You can stick or hang anything to the tracker, there is no issue with any kind of product. Here in this context, compatibility is linked with Smartphone’s.

Tile Trackers can be linked with any Android or iOS phone. Whereas Apple AirTags can only be used by Apple users. To be precise, iPhone running on iOS 14.5 or later).

Therefore, the Tile tracker is a perfect product for platform-agnostic users who keep changing their smartphone brands, whenever the new tech comes in.


Tile tracker offers different styles and sizes of products for different needs. The Tile Mate and Tile Pro have big holes in them to easily hang the keys in them. It does not look like a temporary arrangement. Their cuboidal shape and elegant black and white colors give it a subtle appearance and make you look classy. Or else, you can simply drop them in a bag.

Meanwhile, the Tile Slim looks like a credit card which makes it a perfect fit for wallets, purses, passport holders and identity cards. In the last, Tile Sticker has an adhesive edge which allows it to stick to anything from TV remotes to glass cases. It is the most versatile option due to its adhesive edge.

On the other side, Apple AirTag is a single circular product that can be either sticked to any product or you can put it in a bag or wallet. Otherwise, you can use a keychain on which you can stick the AirTag.

Thus, if you are ready to invest more to buy all Tile tracker products and if convenience is more important for you, Tile is the better choice.

Tracking Range and Accuracy

In terms of tracking accuracy and covered range, AirTag is more reliable. It has UWB (ultra-wideband) support that makes tracking more precise and accurate.

Bluetooth trackers use their network of users to check whether the device crossed them in recent times or not which makes it essential to have enough user networks. Apple has a ‘Find My’ app on all its devices that offers a wider network of users than Tile, which asks you to install the app on your phone to become a part of its location network. Other than its own app, Tile uses its Bluetooth and third-party network of users to locate your lost things.

Where AirTag may find your device in 30 minutes, Tile may take around an hour for the same.


Since AirTag has UWB, it gives directions to find your device within 10m of the tracker. However, it is not the case with Tile. It will only help you to tell if your device is around.

Though Tile does not support the aforementioned feature, it has something more interesting to offer. For instance, if you lost your phone, you can tap on the Tile logo or on the button given in Tile Sticker which will make your phone ring. Thus, you can not only use Tile to locate your stuff but it can also be used to find your phone.

Last but not the least, both brands offer a similar feature. If your tracker is found by some stranger. They can give it back to you by scanning the QR code at the back where they will find your basic details like name and phone number so contact you can confirm your location.


Since the trackers are performing their jobs well and getting fame in return. Security and privacy become the biggest concern. However, to eradicate such issues, AirTag only allows its owner to set it up. If an unknown AirTag travels with you regularly, you will get notified on your phone. Also, if you are not an iOS user and an AirTag is in motion, it will start playing a sound loudly to avoid thefts.

Tiles are yet to come with their security features. But it uses the Scan and Secure feature that allows Tile app users to check if an unknown device is trying to track them.

The Conclusion

If you are an iOS user, you must opt for Apple AirTags as it is much more efficient and offers more features. Whereas if you are a platform-agnostic, the Tile Bluetooth tracker is the best pick for you.