Can You Prevent Spam Emails and Scam Callers?

January 11, 2022
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These days, scammers are all over the internet and trying to get a hold of people on the phone trying to access sensitive information to steal from their victims. But can you prevent this problem from even happening? The good news is that there are things that you can do to prevent spam emails and scam callers. Reading on, you can learn more about the best ways to prevent these unscrupulous people from accessing you.

Preventing Spam Emails

There are plenty of different approaches that you can take that will prevent your information from getting out there. In this section, you can get a closer look at the ways that you can prevent spam emails from happening.

Don’t Just Give Away Your Email Address

You should consider your email as some sacred information that you don’t want to just give away to anyone who asks for it. If you’re on a website that is questionable, do not give them your email address. You should also never give out your email address on any forums. These are all places where spammers can find your email address.

Create a Throwaway Email Account

There are some sites that don’t allow you to access information that you want without giving up your email address. In these cases, it can be a good idea to have a throwaway email account that is separate from your everyday email account. This will help you keep your real email account safe from spammers. There are apps that can do this for you, including a plugin for Firefox called “Blur”.

Setup Your Email Filters to Block Spam

Some email addresses give you the option to automatically detect and filter out spam emails for you. Others just automatically do this. It’s important that if your email address is automatically filtering out spam email, that you regularly check the spam folder to make sure that you aren’t missing any important emails that are being improperly tagged by your filter.

Block Spam

Use Your Block Sender Feature

This may or may not be effective, but it can be an option that you can try out to minimize the spam emails that you receive. But, if you notice that a specific spammer keeps trying to reach you with the same exact email address, this can be a highly effective way to prevent spam emails. Typically, spam emails have small tweaks to their email address to avoid this method of being blocked.

Never Respond to Spam Emails

You might be tempted to respond to these emails, even if it’s just to tell them off or ask them to stop sending you spam. This shows the spammers that the email account is active, which may lead to you getting more spam emails.

Never Click on Spam

This might seem like obvious advice, but you should never click on any links in spam emails, nor should you buy anything from these links. This allows them to access your information, which they will use to send more spam or to give your information to other places for them to send you spam emails.

Get a New Email Address

If you are still having issues with receiving spam, you can always just get a new email address. This may be an inconvenient way to resolve this problem, but one that can help you solve your spam problem.

Preventing Scam Callers

Preventing Scam Callers

Another major issue is robocalls and other spam calls, which can be as annoying as they are potentially hazardous if they get your information. There are things that you can do to prevent this problem from happening, but when it comes to spam callers there’s nothing that is 100% perfect.

Screen Calls

Some phones have an option for “screen caller”, which means that any new number calling your cellphone will go through an automated system to be screened before they can get connected with you. This can be very effective at weeding out any spam callers. You do have to be careful because they will screen real people who are calling, but they do have a feature where you can see what the caller says to determine if you want to pick up the phone.

Call-Blocking Features

Between third-party applications and applications from your phone carrier, there are features for your phone (landline or cellphones) to block robocalls. This is something to look into but avoid paying for these services. There are many free options that work well enough without you having to pay extra for these services.

Follow the Steps from the FCC

The FCC has been trying to find ways to protect people from spam calls. Despite regulations that they have enacted, there are still robocalls that can get through anyways. The FCC has issued some great advice to help reduce the robocalls that you do get. This advice includes:

• Never answer calls from any blocked numbers or numbers that you’re not familiar with.
• Never answer calls from unknown callers.
• Don’t believe that a phone call from a local number because it looks like it is.
• Never respond to any questions on the phone with the word “Yes”.
• If you get a call from someone who claims to be with a specific company, hang up and then Google the company and call them yourself. This can help avoid any major scam that you could fall for without doing this.
• If you get a phone call where someone says “Hello, can you hear me?”, don’t respond and just hang up.
• Hang up immediately if you get a phone call that asks you to press a number to get to a representative.


By following the advice in this article, you can learn all about the best ways to prevent issues from spam emails or robocalls. Just remember that nothing can be 100% effective in dealing with these annoyances. However, these are things that can help you significantly reduce the amount that you get on a regular basis. You have the right to be free of annoying spam and people trying to scam you.