Solve Common Computer Tech Support Problems Yourself

May 6, 2020
Comment Chloe

Wherever you are, be it at the office or at the home, you will have to deal with troubleshooting a computer at some point in your life – and this is a reality you cannot escape from. For many people, computers are a mystery, and they only have just enough mastery to operate it – if something fails they are clueless, and will have to rely on computer tech support to fix it. However, there are some common computer tech issues that you can easily fix with your current technological capabilities considered. The problem with PC technical support is that their help is chargeable most of the times, and you will have to fork out money for something that you can easily fix. 

The “Golden Solution” for most problems

For most computer tech support problems that you might face that are unexplainable, the first thing that you should probably do is to restart your computer. This works many a time to fix a niggle or a problem in your PC and is the first piece of advice that any computer tech support person would give you anyways. There are studies performed by most tech support agencies that suggest that 90% of all their customers solved their computer problems with the help of a simple restart. When you are doing this as well, make sure that your PC is updated to the latest version of your operating system by going to Windows Update and downloading all available updates. This will prevent your computer from being vulnerable to any security bugs or viruses and will ensure longevity for your computer. 

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Problem: My computer is very slow

If webpages on your computer take forever to load, or videos take ages to buffer properly, this is a sure shot sign that your computer is slowing down. First, eliminate your broadband connection as the weak link, as most people mistakenly assume that the computer is at fault in this case. But once you have eliminated all the other variables, check the hard disk of your computer for free space, and if your main system drive which holds the operating system is full, then your computer’s performance will definitely be affected. Using the system configuration tool is the best way to delete files that are not in active use and can be found by going to the start menu on Windows. Check the programs that are loading on your computer at startup by going to start menu and typing “msconfig.” Disable all unwanted programs that are loading at startup and restart the computer. You will find that your computer is noticeably faster. 

Problem: Pop-up Ads are coming on my browser

This is a sure sign that your PC is infected with some kind of malware or virus. Go to Google and search for a small program called Malwarebytes, which doesn’t need to be installed as it is a portable program. Run this program, which will automatically scan and quarantine any malicious files found on your computer. This should remove all the pop-up ads from your browser window without too much effort, and is just another computer tech support problem you can handle on your own!