Benefits of Using WiFi Calling While Abroad

May 5, 2020
Comment Chloe

If you’re preparing to jet off overseas, you know that the options for international phone services can be overwhelming and confusing. Instead of going to the trouble of buying a phone or SIM card, WiFi calling is the easiest and most cost-effective choice for wayward globetrotters. 

What is WiFi calling, you might ask? WiFi calling is simply a service that uses an Internet connection to let you make and receive high quality voice and video calls over a Wi-Fi network, instead of your carrier’s network connection. Apple calls Wi-Fi calling Voice over LTE or VoLTE, AT&T refers to it as HD Voice, and Verizon calls it either Advanced Calling or HD Voice, but it’s all basically the same thing. While abroad, you can use the free Wi-Fi found in many restaurants, hotels, and most public areas, or you can buy your own Wi-Fi hotspot, which you can find at any Best Buy or Walmart near you.

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There are so many advantages to using Wi-Fi calling on your vacation. Out of all the options for international communication, Wi-Fi calling involves the least hassle. Wi-Fi calling is most likely already installed on your phone, as most carriers include it, and it comes at no extra cost. No researching different carriers, no price-matching potentially expensive phone plans, and no stress as you prepare for your journey!

As an added bonus, WiFi calls to U.S. numbers are free. You don’t need to worry about extra charges or going over your limit while sightseeing or trying to get your tan on. Though the stronger the signal you have the better your connection will be, even 1Mbps, the lowest possible signal, is enough to connect a call. LTE voice is much higher quality than regular quality because the technology is much more advanced. Also, in poor cellular coverage areas where you have a decent WiFi signal, WiFi calling will help save that precious battery life you need for selfies.

Now, you might be wondering if apps like Skype or WhatsApp are the same as and/or better than Wi-Fi calling. Though these services are similar, Wi-Fi calling is your best option because you don’t need to download an app or connect to a service, it’s already right there in your phone. No need to tediously make an account and having to remember your login info. You don’t need to add in your contacts like you do with Skype, and your friends back home can receive your call without also having to download the app, which can be annoying and time-consuming. With Wi-Fi calling, you can do the same things you do with Skype, only faster, easier, and not through a third party.

Though there are potentially many choices for communication on your international trip, Wi-Fi calling is the only one you don’t have to worry about buying or installing. It’s free, practical, and easy to use. Check if your carrier is compatible today, and bon voyage!