Tips on how to keep Your Internet Usage in Private

February 9, 2018
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You may be wondering is there a way to keep your internet usage private. With social media platforms, there are now easier ways to access everyone’s personal information with a few clicks. You can’t protect 100 percent of your private information and usage, but there are a few things you can do to reclaim your privacy in internet browsing. To help keep your usage private the most obvious point is being careful what information you put out there on the web. Even if you’re sending information to one person its best to avoid doing it via the internet. Keep information like bank details your full name and address of social media platforms and dating sites as such.

1. Don’t go ahead and do banking or shopping online when using public computers or an unsecured network.

2. Don’t reply to spam and open suspicious emails

3. Always make sure you have a reliable virus protected running in the background

4. Only become friends with people you know on social media sites

5. Turn on private browsing mode in your internet browser and turn off your browser cookies

6. Turn off location services on your mobile and turn off the GPS on your camera

7. Do a regular checkup and update of your social media settings and internet security

8. Make sure the site uses encryption before putting in bank details etc.

9. Use a reliably known internet browser such a google, internet explorer and Firefox don’t use unknown sources

10. Use a VPN a virtual private network service that you can connect to via a server run by the VPN provider. The data is then run by a server that is securely encrypted.

Online privacy depends on a lot of how you are sharing information and who you give access to that information.

If you become careless when sharing information, it will make you vulnerable to invasion of your information and theft of identity which happen to common these days. We use the internet for shopping, communicating, meeting people, and searching for information. It is a great source, but you also need to be careful and monitor what you are doing and check websites before going any further. Believe it or not, your personal information like address, DOB, tax file number, current job and bank details are worth a lot of money to a certain crew of people who work on the illegal side of things.

Even sharing your email address with the unknown world can leave you open to many spam emails and viruses that can infect your computer causing havoc and stealing all your personal history and information. People have shared bank details with a family member and found a few weeks later their whole account has been drained due to an unknown source gaining access to that information. Some have even received a tax bill they didn’t owe due to identity theft.

The internet is fun and safe as long as you follow steps to ensure what you are sharing, viewing and sending is safe and includes no personal information that people can steal as use against you.