Technology for New Parents

November 14, 2017
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Parenting is hard, especially when you are dealing with a brand-new baby for the first time. Or worse still, a brand-new baby plus a toddler or two. Every parent wants to react to every whim and fancy of their baby as quickly as possible, but man does that get exhausting. Luckily technology can make life a little bit easier by offering new moms peace of mind, and touch of convenience.

VTech Safe & Sound, Audio & Full Color Video Monitor

Every parent of a small baby needs a monitor, so why not opt for a multifunction monitor. The parent unit allows you to check the nursery’s temperature, talk to your baby, and you can even zoom in to get a good look of your baby (day or night, thanks to the night viewing capabilities). Even better, if you have other children you can expand the system! It will accommodate four additional cameras so you can keep your eyes on all of them using the split screen on the handheld unit.

The Itzbeen Pocket Nanny

Everyone knows that new parents are sleep deprived, whether it’s the first time around or their fifth-time. The little baby is demanding and a lack of sleep leads to forgetfulness. Unfortunately, babies need routine… luckily, the Pocket Nanny can keep track of all of those details so that your brain doesn’t have to. You can set reminders of the Pocket Nanny to let you know when the baby last ate when they napped or had a diaper change. It’s also a great tool for tracking medications. It has a built-in night light, and a clip on the back so that you can literally keep it in your pocket.

What could be better than a pocket nanny? Aside from an actual nanny, of course.

Baby Shusher

No one enjoys listening to the sounds of a crying baby, even when they’re so small it sounds like a cat’s meow. Parents run through a million tips and tricks trying to console their little one, but they’re missing one big one. The Baby Shusher might sound like a strange device, but it literally shushes your baby. It’s a noise machine that mimics the sounds of the womb, which triggers the baby’s natural calming reflex… which means, your baby stops crying! Remember, your baby spent 9 months in your womb experiencing all of the noises and sounds of the womb- the Baby Shusher is the ideal tool to recreate that.

Pacifier Thermometer

No one wants to rely on the old-fashioned method of taking a baby’s temperature. Thankfully, the Pacifier Thermometer is coming to the rescue! There’s no need to undress and un-diaper your unwell baby or deal with a wriggling, leg kicking, crying baby- all you have to do is pop it in baby’s mouth and check baby’s temperature. Any device that can limit the disruption to your sleep is a total must. Even better, if your baby is unwell and you want to check on them in the night, there’s no need to wake them up or disturb them to get a quick temp check.