The Best Smart Home Security System: Ring, SimpliSafe, Vivint, & Abode

September 30, 2021
Comment Chloe

A home security system is the best way to protect your home and the people who live there. You likely already know about popular choices like ADT, but there are smart home security systems that you may find better for your specific needs. Some of the biggest smart home security system options including Ring, SimpliSafe, Vivint, and Abode. Reading on, you can get a closer look at these different options so that you can figure out which one is the best choice for your needs.



The Ring Alarm Pro is one of the top choices for DIY smart home security systems. You can get an affordable option that offers you the flexibility that is essential to meeting the individual needs of your home. Many people hesitate to choose this option due to privacy concerns, but you’ll be happy to know that there are data security and privacy options that you can choose with this option if this is a concern of yours.

One of the biggest selling points of the Ring system is the flexibility. You can buy individual sensors and other items, such as the Ring cameras, to complete the perfect system all in a more affordable package that you can get with other options. It might not be the cheapest option, but it is one of the more affordable options of the top smart home security systems. You get the most bang for your buck here if you invest in one of the bundle packages.

This is an easy-to-setup system that that works exactly how you would want it to. The most expensive monitoring package is $200 a year, which is far more affordable than what you would get with a traditional system like one from ADT.



Back in 2014, this was a notable option for smart home security systems as it was one of the first DIY options that were made available. While other brands have joined this unique niche of smart home security systems, SimpliSafe remains a top option for people who want a reliable home security solution. These systems can be on the expensive side, but the good news is that you can often find bundle deals and other discounts for this security system.

Much like the Ring Alarm option, the SimpliSafe security system does allow you to custom create a solution that will work for your needs. This allows you to get a system that will work for the unique needs of your space. However, the prices of a custom build like this one can quickly add up if you’re not careful. This is especially true when you add in the extra costs of 24/7 monitoring.

SimpliSafe is also an incredibly easy option to setup. Some would say that this does have the easiest setup of all the other DIY options. But, if you can’t you do have the option of getting professional setup services. This is an option that is available for you if it’s too hard to setup or you just don’t have the time or patience to.

This is a well-performing option that you can count on if you want a great DIY smart home security system.



One of the most appealing things for many people about getting the Vivint solution for their home is the fact that it offers stellar integration. Since the Vivint smart home security system is a whole-home system, you get the benefits of seamless integration. It also offers a lot of tools that can help keep your home protected, including flood sensors.

While it does have a lot of great features associated with this product, you do have to remember that it’s primarily a home security system. This is another area where Vivint also shines. It has 24/7 monitoring, which will cost you around $30 a month. The complete system has everything that you could possibly need to ensure the safety of your home and the people who live there.

This system is installed by a professional from Vivint. Sometimes you can get the installation fee waived, depending on the promotions available at that time. The biggest downside to this option is that it can be among the more expensive options.



Abode is another flexible all-in-one smart home security system. It is easy to install and can easily integrate into your smart home devices, such as Alexa or Google Assistant, and work with several other third-party devices. Abode is an all-in-solution that is the complete package of everything that you could want for your home security needs. You don’t need to have a professional installation team to install your device, as you would with a solution like Vivint.

It’s also an affordable choice that includes all of the items that you could need to start monitoring your property. This includes a 1080p camera, a single door or window sensor, key fob, and a base station. You can add on other third-party components that you need to get a solution that is custom-tailored to your home.

You can choose to monitor your home yourself, or you could choose to invest in the professional monitoring services offered by this company. There’s also a mobile app, where you can get even more control over your security system.

There are some downsides to consider with this option. For one thing, while this system is affordable, additional components can be expensive. Another downside is that you don’t get free cloud storage as you may find with some of the other options on this list. However, the affordability, reliability, and flexibility make this a great option to consider.



Choosing the best smart home security system for your home can be a challenge with all of the options that are available to you today. These are all great options, but they each offer their own pros and cons that you need to consider when you decide on the right one for your needs. Consider your needs, budget, and these options to figure out which one is the right option for you.