What is the Cloud and How Do I Access it?

May 21, 2022
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The industry of internet technology loves to give fancy names to new technologies such as cloud computing. An unaware person will try to connect it with white fluffy clouds. However, there is no relation between the clouds in the sky and cloud computing.

Cloud in terms of the internet technology (IT) is software and services that allow a user to access the data remotely. It is possible because your data gets stored in the virtual space or networks that can be accessed from anywhere through the internet connection. That means you do not need to carry your laptop or computer everywhere, the data can be accessed from any device.

The name ‘cloud’ is derived from the same thought process. Like the clouds are roaming in the sky freely. Similarly, cloud computing allows your data to be accessed from anywhere. All you need is just your account login credentials. In short, cloud computing is all about accessing your data anytime from anywhere.

Uses Of Cloud Computing

Possibly you must be using cloud-based servers in your daily lives but you just did not know that it is called ‘cloud computing’. For instance, Google Drive is an amazing example of cloud computing that helps startups and businesses. Let’s discuss some of its essential uses in daily life.

Before we move ahead, there is a thing you should know, most cloud computing services are called software as a service (SaaS). It allows users to pay only for the actual usage of both storage space and services.

Cloud Storage

Most famous application of cloud computing. You can use the cloud as a storage service. Many cloud servers allow cloud storage at affordable prices such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Netflix.

Their interfaces are too easy to understand that once you open the website or the application, you will be able to operate it on your own. Moreover, they give introductory guidance so that you easily access it. Still, if you find it difficult to transfer data from computer to cloud, you can call your local tech support team. They will assist you in data transfer and guide you to operate it without any help. Do not worry, you will learn it quickly, it is too easy.

Cloud not only gives you remote access to your data but it also provides you with minimal cost. Also, you do not have to be bothered about the storage infrastructure. Everything will be managed by a cloud service providing company.

Data Backup

Data backup is a time-consuming thing. Especially if you are a student, it becomes too difficult to take a backup of all notes and study materials. Cloud computing companies create an automatic backup of all data to store on the internet. Moreover, you can send across all the data from one cloud to another cloud storage as a backup option so that if something goes wrong with one storage site, you can still access it through another one.

It is not at all time-consuming. You can do it easily via email.

Disaster Recovery

Did you know that you can get back your data even if you lose it in a disastrous situation? Cloud providers store your data in many places so that, in case you lose the data due to any mishappening, you can still get it recovered from the server.

Video Streaming Platforms

Okay! Let’s come out of the data applications of cloud computing and discuss some of its more interesting uses.

All the videos, shows, web series, and live events that you see on the internet are the fortunate application of cloud computing technology. Though all the hardware and software involved in the process are quite expensive. The end-users like you get the streaming services at cheaper prices so that everyone can take advantage of the new technology.

Cloud-Based Web Applications

Have you ever noticed that some web applications automatically save your data? Such as Canva, Google Apps, Microsoft 365, iCloud, etc.

What they exactly do is, when you create an account on the application, they book a space for you on the cloud server and then your data and other activities get stored in the cloud storage. That is the reason you can access web applications from anywhere with your login credentials.

Communication Applications

Similar to web applications, apps that allow internet-based communication such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and Email is built on cloud computing infrastructures.

All your messages, data, files, and media are not only stored on your phone. It all gets stored in cloud servers (encrypted). That is the reason your data is backed up automatically and you can recover it even if it is lost from the phone.

The Bottom Line

Cloud server technology is present in almost all Internet of things (IoT) yet it is still a newer technology for many due to a lack of awareness of the technical terms. Although it is pervasive, it still has growth potential in the coming years with many new updates and changes.