Which Is The Best POS System For Your Restaurant?

February 15, 2022
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Point of sale (POS) systems have become one of the most versatile and critical tools for restaurants everywhere. There is a genuine need for convenience and to make the payment transaction smoother for every customer. Remember, you face competition from all fronts and customers want a simple way to order and pay for their food. POS systems have been heavily influenced by modern technology and generation Z’s need for speed. Fortunately, you have many options available. So, which is the best POS system for your restaurant, and how can you make the decision easier?

A Versatile, User-Friendly Point-Of-Sale System


Choosing a POS system is not easy. You have many viable solutions to consider, and you can feel overwhelmed at the decision. It’s not something to rush either, because you could choose a system that doesn’t work well for your establishment. That is not only a waste of money but impact customer relations as well. You could even drive some away if their experience has been hampered by a poor point-of-sale system. It’s essential to choose a versatile but user-friendly system. You will find employees can understand how the POS system works and makes every transaction quicker.

When you’re looking for the best, you want something flexible. You also want something your employees will be able to use with relative ease. You, however, need to be smart in your approach so that you find the best POS system.

User-Friendly Point-Of-Sale System

How To Choose A POS System?


There are several factors you must consider when selecting a new point-of-sale system. Those include:

  • Size Of Venue

Let’s be honest, if you have a small restaurant that seats twenty, you’ll likely need a different POS system from an establishment that caters for hundreds of guests. You might think otherwise, but every system varies in terms of what it can logically handle at any one time. Some POS systems are designed for multiple payments at any given time while others can cope with one. Point-of-sale systems vary considerably, and some are designed for larger establishments. It’s essential for you to consider your venue size and how much foot traffic you receive on an average day.

  • Know Your Priorities

Every restaurant’s priority change depending on the need of the customer and the setting of the establishment. For instance, fast food or casual restaurants are likely to focus on their busy times. Your priority would be to ensure the number of guests served at those times are maximised to the fullest potential. On the other hand, if you had a full-service restaurant, your priority would likely be to ensure the efficiency of your employees. This could ensure the average customer pays more because of the efficient service they’ve received.

Priorities change all the time, but it does depend on the restaurant setting and time of year. For instance, holiday and festive periods tend to be busier, along with weekends. Foot traffic can increase during those periods and slow down on certain weekdays. Understanding your restaurant’s priorities may help you secure the best POS system.

  • The Training Time For Employees

Let’s be honest, not all point-of-sale systems are easy to get your head around. When you haven’t worked with the systems before or your employees have little experience, it can cause a few issues. It’s crucial for you to think about how much time your employees will need to get used to the system. In some cases, training might be required. Again, this depends on the current setup in your restaurant; however, it’s still something to consider. There will be a transition to the new system, so that’s worth thinking of too.

Training Time For Employees

  • Easy-To-Use

POS systems are widely used in restaurants worldwide. Some can be quite effective and ensure the restaurant runs smoothly. Unfortunately, some systems can be confusing. That is a major issue because if a POS system is difficult to use and your employees struggle with it, it’ll cause several issues for your establishment. For example, you have a new POS system. It’s temperamental but your employee has received extensive training. Unfortunately, your employees still find the system difficult to use even though they’ve been using it for two months. It could lead to customers walking out before they’ve even ordered their food.

As a result, you lose money and since everyone puts everything online, your reputation could suffer. Instead, you need a POS system that is straightforward, simple, and easy-to-use. Your restaurant could face ruin if the system isn’t up to scratch. Solve the issues with your POS and you may ensure customers visit your restaurant again.

  • Must Be Cost-Effective

POS systems come in all shapes and sizes, and you might not give costs a second thought. While you probably don’t think costs matter, it does because it can eat into your profits and increase your overheads. It really doesn’t matter if your establishment is doing relatively well or otherwise, POS systems can cost a lot of money. It is crucial to take a moment to review how much you can logically afford to spend on the system.

Don’t Rush This Decision


You can’t deny how important a point-of-sale system is for your restaurant. Customers order and pay for food via the system and your employees use it to ensure the efficiency of the establishment. Customers will be left with a good impressive if their time in your restaurant is a positive one. On the other hand, if parts of their experience fail to meet their standards, it is going to reflect poorly on you.

For example, it’s lunchtime and twenty customers are waiting to order food. There are three employees at separate desks taking orders. Unfortunately, the POS system isn’t the most versatile and is causing guests to wait thirty minutes to be seated and order food. It’s likely many of those customers would walk out and those who don’t, are left with a bad impression. Even though the food is delicious, and employees are friendly, it mightn’t be enough to save your reputation. That’s why you should never rush the decision.

Don’t Rush This Decision

Running On Full Steam


Any restaurant can look great, have fantastic tasting food, and have welcoming staff. Unfortunately, it can all be spoiled because of a simple point-of-sale system. When the system fails or causes a delay, whether it’s accepting a payment or taking a food order, it creates a negative experience. People remember that and think twice before visiting your establishment again, even though the rest of the experience was positive. You need a reliable, trustworthy, and simple POS system in place to avoid customer issues and to make your business run smoother. Choose the best POS system and ensure your restaurant gets repeat trade from loyal customers.