Top 15 Smart Devices For New Parents

February 9, 2022
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As new parents, you want to make sure that you have all of the devices that you could possibly need to make parenting easier for you. Parenting is hard enough, but with the right products you can get peace of mind and have more time to enjoy your new bundle of joy. This article will take a look at some of the best smart devices for any new parent.

1. Smart Home Assistant


A smart home assistant like the Amazon Alexa Echo can give you the hands-free capabilities that you need around the home with a newborn. You can use this device to connect to other smart home devices, such as your lights, to control them right from your seat. This can also play music to help soothe you and the new baby. It’s also a great way to communicate with your partner, who may be in the other room.

Smart Home Assistant

2. Smart Baby Monitors


For a long time, baby monitors were an essential item for any new parent. But these devices have gotten smarter over the years, allowing parents to sleep easier when their newborns/babies are sleeping. Smart baby monitors allow you to not only see the baby from your phone, wherever you are, but also track things like your baby’s sleeping patterns.

3. Smart Baby Gates


Baby gates are essential items to have around the home, especially when your baby becomes mobile. Time flies pretty quickly, so preparing with baby gates is a great idea. There are smarter baby gates available, which has a “Stay Open” feature, so you don’t have to fight with the gate when you don’t need it. These gates also have red lights that lets you know if the gate isn’t properly closed, so that your baby is always safe.

4. Video Doorbells


Did your baby just fall asleep in your arms and you don’t want to move, but suddenly the doorbell rings? Video doorbells can be great to have so that you can see anyone who comes to your door. This will let you talk to guests through the doorbell and tell people they can come in, if they are invited guests. It also lets you know if you can just ignore whoever is at your door.

5. Smart Lights


Smart lights are useful for everyone, but they can be especially useful for new parents. Smart lighting solutions can make things a lot more convenient for you. For instance, you get can smart lights with motion detection so that you can carry the baby into the kitchen to make a bottle. This allows you to move freely without needing hands to turn on lights. You can also use voice control to turn off the lights after your newborn fell asleep in your arms. These are just a few ways that smart lights can be essential tools for new parents.

Smart Lights

6. Smart Smoke Detectors/Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Safety is one of the most important concerns parents have. This is why having smart safety devices like smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can be so helpful. These devices give you peace of mind that you can get out safely in case of an emergency, giving you one less thing to worry about.

7. Owlet Baby Monitor


There are some smart baby monitors that offer just camera solutions that can help with your child. In the case of the Owlet brand baby monitor, you get a smart sock that allows you to monitor heart rate and pulse oximetry, letting you know your baby is alive and well while they are sleeping. This prevents that urge that new parents have, where they frequently check on their baby to make sure they are breathing properly.

8. Mimo


The Mimo works in a similar manner as the Owlet smart sock. The difference is that while the Owlet is a sock, the Mimo is a onesie, where you can incorporate a wearable monitor. You can monitor their breathing and movements with this device, as well as their temperature and body position.

9. Smart Thermostats


There are a few reasons why smart thermostats are essential smart devices for new parents. For one thing, this is the best way to save money on your energy bills. Babies are expensive, so saving money wherever you can really help. They can also learn your schedule, so that you can get the temperature perfect without having to worry about anything.

Smart Thermostats

10. Smart Changing Pad/Wi-Fi Scale


It’s not easy to weigh your baby at home, which makes parents nervous especially when they are concerned that their baby isn’t eating enough. These devices give you not only a safe place to change your baby’s diaper, but also where you can weigh them whenever you want. This allows you to track diaper changes and weight gains, so that you can share this information with your pediatrician.

11. Smart Thermometers


There are different types of smart thermometers that you can consider using. Some are ear monitors while others are more like the traditional thermometers with smart features. What’s great about these is that they feature apps where you can track temperatures and symptoms, which gives you valuable information in case you do need to call the doctor.

12. Smart Cribs/Bassinets


Even cribs are getting smarter. Products like the Snoo smart crib are pricy but worth it for those who can afford it. It has technology that can help soothe your baby, which are just triggered by their own movements. This can give you a few extra minutes of rest every day.

13. Smart Air Quality Monitor


Smart devices that are able to help you keep your baby as safe as possible are important devices to invest in. These devices can detect any harmful air elements, sending an alert to your phone to let you know of any potential dangers.

Air Quality Monitor

14. Toymail Talkies


This is a unique product, where you have a voice messaging system inside of a plush toy that your baby will love. Using Wi-Fi, you can send and receive messages to and from your child. You can even create circles so they can receive messages from other family members.

15. Smart Baby Swings


It’s hard to find any experienced parent that doesn’t talk about the importance of baby swings. Smart baby swings are amazing tools to have to so that you can get chores done around the home or just take a break from holding your child.



These are all great smart devices that new parents can greatly benefit from. These are wise investments, especially if you intend to grow your family in the future.