Why Backing Up your Computer is Important?

April 24, 2020
Comment Chloe

Discover why backing up your computer is so important!

The importance of keeping backups for your PC or Mac should not be ignored at any cost. With the speed at which cyber thefts are taking place, it is always better to have duplicate copies of your system files at a remote place. If anything happened with your computer’s storage, you can always count on the remote backup and restore the lost data and documents.

Things From Which a Backup Can Save your Computer

System Crash: System crash can happen to anyone and anytime. Some crashes are harmless and do not result in any kind of severe data loss. However, some of these computer crashes are as harmful as they can get. They can result in significant data loss, which you can not afford in this technological era. We keep all of our essential data in the form of videos, documents, files, and other forms. If any critical kind of data is lost, the burden will be a heavy one to swallow.

Virus: You can never be a hundred percent sure of having your computer fully protected against virus infections. Even if you have an antivirus installed on your PC, there are some chances that the firewall will miss dedicated and customized attacks. These kinds of attacks have been seen in the past where nominal AV software was unable to fight extremely infectious forms of a virus. To be on the safer side, everyone should back up their PC and Mac systems.

Hard Disc Failure: Hard drives are not immortal in any sense of words. They have a limited period of lifetime beyond which they run on life support. If you are running a PC for more than five years without hardware upgrades, you are essentially taking the risk of losing your data at any point in time. A hard disk can fail for many reasons. To avoid severe data loss, always backup your computer using a third party service. It is advised to go for a premium backup service as they are reliable and answerable if anything goes south. This one is therefore, one of the most important reasons to consider backing up your computer.

Physical Damages: Laptops and computers are prone to physical damages all the time. You could accidentally drop your laptop from a heightened position and boom; your data is now gone forever. Even your toddler could hit your computer and make it fall – not even your fault at all. This is why, having your system backed up at an online remote location can save your day.

Data Theft: Last, but certainly not the least, online data theft is on the rise. With the number of cyber-attacks getting intense and more aggressive, there is always a possibility of a data breach and data theft from your Mac or PC. 

Why is a Backup Essential?

As the facts presented above, your data can be lost forever at any point in time. With the help of a hard or a soft backup, you can restore the lost files quickly. You can have an external hard drive dedicated just for backups or, you can even have an online backup account from one of the premium service providers.