Why every senior should have an Apple Watch?

May 1, 2020
Comment Chloe

At some point, as you pass through the period in life called “middle age,” someone is likely to stun you with a casual comment referring to you and your peers as “Elderly.”

As in any situation in life, which is new and possibly unexpected you had better start to face a bit of reality, and as the Boy Scout’s motto states “be prepared,”comes to mind when you become a senior in society.

Being prepared with an Apple Watch

We live in an age where the medical industry seems to be growing faster and is more pervasive in our everyday existence. As the medical field continues to improve, the advancements in technology allows us to take better care of our health.  The Apple Watch is a great device to stay prepared for the future. The Apple Watch can offer a sense of security, in which it can aid seniors in having access to more medical options when monitoring health, safety, and well-being.

In the past, governmental agencies in the medical nations of the world have  provided the emergency “hot line” or emergency type of service.  If the elderly person is safely at home and if an emergency situation occurs the telephone is there and a 911 type of call can be made.

However, what if the person is in an emergency situation, has fallen, is locked out, or in a place without a telephone what then? 

In reality, the emergency situation is very likely going to happen in a place where there is no phone.  According to the CDC, more than 800,000 seniors are hospitalized due to an injury from a fall. Falling can lead to a more serious injury for individuals  who are 65 years and older.

The Apple Watch series 4 and Series 5 contains Fall Detection Technology, and can help save someones life.  The Apple Watch contains sensors that are able to detect your daily activity, in which it can sense a falling motion, and can call 911 if needed.

Another beneficial feature of the Apple Watch is, it contains a heart sensor app which is able to take an EKG in real time, and can monitor the heart for any irregularities.

Seniors can stay safe with The Apple Watch

Apple Watches gives Seniors quick access to call a caregiver or emergency contact. The watch also works as a fitness tracker, this can help a person remain dedicated to daily walks and movements needed to stay healthy.

The Apple Watch can “save the day,” when there is an emergency, and there is no access to a phone. Calls can be easily made through your Apple Watch, there is no other emergency tool more accessible and reliable than our Apple Watch to protect our Senior citizens!