7 iPhone 11 Pro Camera Features That Aren’t Used

May 8, 2021
Comment Chloe

Over time people have demanded better cameras on their cell phones. Many of the top manufacturers have met those demands. Apple has definitely been one of the top producers of a better camera as they improve their entire phone every time they release a new model. The iPhone 11 pro cameras are probably the best on the market. However, there are probably features that you don’t use or are unaware of.

iPhone 11 Pro

Apple has outdone itself with its newly released iPhone 11 pro. This amazing iPhone 11 Pro Cameras to make sure that you capture the best quality image possible. You can now capture more subject field, quick-change settings, and work in night mode. It also offers optical image stabilization and 12x zoom. Let’s talk about the features that most people aren’t using that could make their images better.

Unused Features

The iPhone 11 Pro Camera system on this phone is simply amazing. People will never guess that you took the photos with a cell phone. Let’s look at 7 of the many features that people aren’t using that they should be or could be.

Night Mode

Many people never use night mode, because they don’t know about it or they don’t understand what it is. Night mode is designed for night time or low light conditions. Night mode will make your photos brighter and more detailed in low light or night time conditions. This option is not available all the time, it is only available when the camera senses the right conditions.

Capture Outside the Frame

This feature captures additional information around the subject matter in the frame. This features information that is displayed when editing the image. You must change the image size and then you will see the additional information around the framed image. This setting must be turned on in the camera settings.

Wide Angle Selfies

Now the front camera offers wide-angle options. You can capture as much background as possible. You will notice two small opposite-facing arrows above the shutter button. Tapping on these arrows will get you a wider angle.

Change Camera Settings Quickly

Apple has hidden some of the features by taking them off  the interface. You will find an arrow at the top of the screen, taping that arrow will display all features available. You can also quickly access some of the most popular features by swiping up on the viewfinder.

Deep Fusion

Works primarily on indoor photos. This feature optimizes texture, details and noise reduction. This is done through a pixel by pixel processing. This feature is automatic and does not need to be turned on or off. However, it is cancelled out by the outside frame capture setting.

Quick Text

This feature allows you to capture video while taking still images without switching over. You simply hold down the shutter button and it will begin recording, this recording is only brief. If you want to record longer videos simply hold down the shutter button until it begins recording, then swipe over and switch over to video mode.

Portrait Mode

You are no longer limited to one lens in this mode. Portrait mode now works with telephoto and wide-angle lenses. To use the different lenses tap the 1x zoom or 2x zoom icons on the left side of the screen. 1x mode is great for multiple people or objects. 2x zoom is perfect for zooming in on a single subject.

There You Have It

Out of the many hidden or unknown features of the iPhone 11 pro’s cameras, these are just a few of the ones that are unused. With a camera system like the iPhone 11 pro, these features will help you have the best possible images. Make sure to go over them, try them out, and use them to your advantage.