Benefits of Upgrading to the New iPhone 11

May 3, 2020
Comment Chloe

With iPhone 11 hitting the market officially, you are not alone in thinking to upgrade your phone to a brand new version of Apple’s iPhone. If you are confused, this post is specially made for you to decide whether to go for this iPhone or not. 

iphone 11

Benefits of Upgrading to the iPhone 11

  • Better display than iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max: The new iPhone shares its display panel with the popular iPhone XR. With 6.1 inch LCD screen and 1792 x 828 pixels resolution, iPhone 11 gives much better color toning than Pro and Pro Max’s 1080p display. 

This display panel also provides better battery life by driving out fewer pixels.

  • 30% faster Face ID recognition than iPhone XR: The iPhone is equipped with a next-gen Face ID recognition panel which is 30% faster than the XR model. Not just the speed but the angles have also been improved. 

Now, you can easily unlock your phone using different camera angles.

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  • WiFi 6: iPhone 11, along with its premium models, is equipped with the 6th-Gen WiFi standard – WiFi 6. 

You can experience 5-10 times faster internet speed than the other iPhone models. However, you will also have to upgrade your WiFi router to one that supports WiFi 6.

  • Cost factor: iPhone 11, priced at $699, is cheaper than the Pro ($999), and Pro Max ($1,499). It is just $100 costlier than XR model which was released last year. 
  • Better cameras: The iPhone comes with a primary dual-lens (an ultra-wide lens and a wide-angle lens) camera of 12 megapixels whereas iPhone XR just has a single lens 7-megapixel camera. 

iPhone XS has a similar camera, but one of the lenses is telephoto lens instead of the ultra-wide lens. Ultra-wide lens, in combination with a wide-angle lens, makes a much more powerful camera.

The front camera is also a 12 MP TrueDepth camera which offers a broader view and capability of shooting 4k videos.

  • Enhanced battery life: The iPhone’s battery performance is better than iPhone XR and XS. It can go up to 17 hours with video playback and active internet connectivity. The best battery performance, however, is of the Pro Max which can go up to 25 hours without a single charge.


If you are not sure whether to purchase iPhone 11 or iPhone XR, remember that XR is a year-old model which you’ll get at $100 cheaper than the latest model iPhone 11. If you are looking for features above the money, iPhone 11 is the obvious choice. 

The camera upgrades, along with the enhanced battery life, should be more than enough to spend $100 extra. If you are operating on the older models like the iPhone 7 or the earlier ones, upgrading to this iPhone makes much more sense.

If you are on the upgrade program, then go for the upgrade this year itself. iPhone 11 comes with glossy back glass and pastel colors (a lot of them to choose from).