In Search Of the Best Selfie

May 4, 2020
Comment Chloe

The outfit is right, the hair is laid, and the bad eyebrow is behaving for once. It’s time to let the world know how hot you are, but if you’re anything like me, you’ll spend more time posing than primping. No worries! Read on for your foolproof guide to an Instagram-ready selfie.


Shine a Light

Artificial light is not your friend. LED or, god forbid, fluorescent light will wash you out like Sunday laundry. Find the nearest window and go for the glow. Avoid having backlit as much as you can by always facing the light source.

If it’s dark out, find the softest light you can, like a candle, or use Snapchat’s flash, which lights up the screeninstead of your pores.

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Pose Like a Pro

Using the same basic selfie formula, even if tried and true, can get monotonous and boring. Switch up your selfie style with different poses. To show off or create some curves (#thickthighssavelives), try putting a hand high on your hip, popping your knee, or crossing your legs. Laying a thirst trap with a cute bed selfie? Prop your head up with a pillow to avoid a double chin.

Assess Your Angles

If at first you don’t approve, snap, snap again. Everyone, no matter how attractive, has good and bad angles. There are bad pictures of Beyonce out there. If Queen Bey has bad angles, so do you. Find them. Avoid them.

 Most people don’t look good straight on, so try turning your head to the side. Dodge that double-chin look by placing your camera above eye level, but don’t go too far away from your face. This angle will narrow your cheekbones and entire face. If all else fails, use what Michelle Phan calls the “universal good selfie angle”: place the camera above eye level and turn your face at a ¾ angle.

Fix Your Face

When posing for the perfect selfie, try raising your eyebrows slightly to make your eyes look larger and stick out your head to make your neck look longer and your jawline sharper.

The infamous duck face belongs on a 2007 MySpace page. Join the rest of us in 2019 by changing up your selfie pose. One trick reportedly used by the Olsen twins is to say the word “prune” as you snap a pic. Again, make sure not to purse your lips out too much to achieve a perfect sexy balance.

Don’t Over Edit

We see you, girl. Those wavy lines and unnatural curves aren’t as subtle as you think they are, and they aren’t doing you any favors. Overediting looks tacky and unnecessary in most cases. Only edit when necessary; crop out distracting backgrounds and keep it natural with a simple filter. 

With these five tips, up your selfie game and shoot to Instagram baddie status in no time. And remember, whether you’re posing for your friends, partner, or just yourself, looking your best should make you feel your best, too.