Everything You Need To Know About Windows 11

August 8, 2022
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Microsoft just rolled out its latest Windows 11 update in the market. Where Windows 10 is not yet too old, people are confused about whether they need the Windows 11 update or not. If you are wondering the same, you must read this blog till the end. We have described all its features and other updates that set them apart from Windows 10.

Everything You Need To Know About Windows 11

This blog will resolve all your concerns regarding its features, appearance, and security.

1. Visual Appearance

If a user compares any former Windows updates with Windows 11 regarding looks. It has adopted a completely new look. The taskbar icons are shifted to the centre (inspired by Mac devices), and the start button is moved.

The windows now have tightly rounded edges, transparent backgrounds, and cleaner icons that represent the evolution of the Fluent Design system, making it more subtle. You will work on the OS system after updating your device to Windows 11.

2. The Widgets

Though widgets were part of many Windows updates, in Windows 10, the widgets had the News and Interests panel. However, in the Windows 11 update, the panel is more user-oriented. It has more widgets influenced by the user’s interests and preferences, such as news, weather, sports, traffic, and stock market data—AI powers all for smooth customization and Edge for rendering. The new widgets panel could be seen as a quick daily go-through.

According to the Microsoft Windows team, users can expand the widgets panel to the entire screen in later updates.

3. Snap Layouts

For a long time, Windows users have been looking for a customized screen view involving multiple windows. Finally, in the Windows 11 update, one can expect it due to the Snap Layout feature.

In Snap Layout, users get layout options to select a specific layout per their requirements. It is more accessible as the layout options are in the update by default, so the user will not have to make layouts independently.

This feature will enhance productivity and efficiency to work on a Windows device.

Windows 11 features

4. Apps Updates

Many default apps of Microsoft Windows are updated not only by looks; they have many more add-on features to make them more accessible. For instance, Paint is now much cleaner to match the look of Windows 11. It has elements of WinUI 3.0. Also, multiple bug fixes and improvements have been made in this update.

Similarly, the Photos app has been updated, showing multiple photos and videos clearly in a grid view. The Photos app also updates the editing, transitions, and effects. Moreover, the Photos app has adopted some Smartphone Photos features, including face recognition, integrated maps for photos, auto-generated albums, etc.

5. Redesigned Settings App

The new Windows 11 update has a persistent menu on the left side that makes it easier to switch between the Settings group without going back to the Home page of the Settings app.

The rest is like Windows 10. One can say that the Settings redesign is more concerned with the users’ experience.

6. Virtual Desktops In Windows 11

This feature is again concerned with convenience and productivity. A user can set different backgrounds for different virtual desktops. It helps to bifurcate the work and personal desktops visually.

Please note that users can set images or solid colors as backgrounds. A slideshow or theme will be applied to all desktops. Moreover, you can use Snap Layout individually on each desktop, making work easier and quicker.

7. Teams Has Been Promoted

One of Microsoft’s most successful software, Teams, has become more prominent in Windows 11. It can be used for video conferencing, chats, and even text messages. People can use it for personal and professional affairs. Teams had mere 20 million users in 2019, which eventually increased to 145 million users daily in 2022. Consequently, Teams made their place in users’ lives.

In case you still need to learn about the uses of Microsoft Teams, it is a messaging and videoconferencing application. It supports Android, iOS, and macOS, and of course, Windows.

To provide easy access to the users, it is placed right in the center of the taskbar.

8. Tablet Mode Is Not Supported By Windows 11

Unlike Windows 10, Windows 11 does not have tablet mode, which does not create problems. The tablet (when used as a tablet) shows notable changes in appearance without requiring turning on the tablet mode.

The space between the taskbar icons increases, and the screen becomes broader. Also, the three-finger swipe actions let you call up task view or recall the running apps.

The Bottom Line

Windows 11 features are indeed advanced and make you more productive. Regarding visual appeal, Windows 11 is cleaner and more like macOS. However, if a user is still willing to wait for more reviews on Windows 11, they can use Windows 10 as it will be supported till 2025.

Or else, users can easily update their systems with Windows 11 by following the instructions in the Settings app (then Windows Update). Alternatively, users can take the help of their local tech support team.