I’m Not Tech Savvy, Can I Make My Home Smart?

April 4, 2022
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Smart home devices are called ‘smart’ for a reason. You do not need to do a lot to make them work for you and make your home smarter. Mere initial installation and setup are required and your home becomes a ‘smart home’.

Here in this blog, we have curated the best smart home devices that make your home smarter and the home chores easier for you.

8 Smart Products For Your Home

You will not require any product other than the following to upgrade your home to a smarter residence.

1. Smart LED Light Bulbs

The brighter the rooms, the more beautiful the home; the smarter the lights, the lesser the bill!

Often people forget to turn off lights, it is as bad for the environment as your pocket. You do not only pay more bills but you also increase your environmental pollution.

Smart LED lightbulbs are the wiser option. Even if you forgot to switch off the light, you can turn off them through your phone as smart LED bulbs get connected with your phone via Bluetooth or wi-fi connection that enables you to turn off them from anywhere anytime. Their advanced version is sensor lights that get switched off automatically when you leave the area.

2. Smart Outlets

A lot of times we leave the outlets switched on thinking that nothing is attached to them so it won’t consume electricity. It is called ‘standby or vampire power’ that consumes more power.

Smart outlets are the best solution till now as it enables the remote control to the outlets so that they turn off them from anywhere. Moreover, if they are voice-enabled outlets so you will be able to give on/off commands as well. Also, after bringing smart outlets home, you do not need to worry about full-night phone charging. You can schedule the times.

3. CCTV Cameras

Putting everything aside, home security is a critical concern that can’t and shouldn’t be avoided at any cost. Now even the costs are reduced too. You cannot guard your home 24*7, you need smart home security systems like CCTV cameras for surveillance, especially when you are out or you have some function going on in society. Also, you never know when your camera captures something essential for you.

Moreover, you can install them to keep a casual check on the outside activities.

4. Smart Doorbells

Doorbells are annoying but not smart doorbells! With smart doorbells, you can monitor and even talk to the person at the door. Moreover, if you are away from home, you can still check who’s coming to your home. This is really helpful in case of deliveries as you can talk to the delivery person and ask him to keep the parcel at the suggested place. This way, you will never miss any delivery and you will be able to track who all came to your place.

The best part is smart doorbells are not going to drain your pocket. They are cheap and affordable. Even the doorbell setup isn’t costly either.

5. Smart Locks

If you are someone who often misplaces their keys or mostly forgets to hand over the key to your servant in your absence. This is something you need to install right away along with smart doorbells.

Smart locks are keyless. They are locked and unlocked either through a phone, fingerprint or a passcode. Also, you can add multiple fingerprints of your family members to avoid inconvenience. It makes your home smarter along with smart doorbells.

6. Smart Thermostats

They can be easily replaced with existing thermostats and monitor the usual consumption of home over the time to enhance energy efficiency. Also, optimum energy utilization is done based on how you change the temperature of your home. Smart thermostats do all these things automatically through their machine learning technology. However, you can track and monitor daily and monthly usage and make plans for energy savings.

7. Smart Smoke And Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Forget those ‘beep beep’ alarms at the time of the fire, technology has something better to offer. Also, there are quite fewer chances of them getting switched off as they keep charging them automatically. Moreover, they tell you the exact fire originating location for prompt action. Even if you are not at home and other devices go off due to fire, you will still get the alert on your smartphone.

All these features help to reduce the loss and perhaps save lives. Smart detectors and their installation are subjectively expensive as it totally depends on the number of detectors you need for your home.

8. Voice-Enabled Devices

Make your home your helping hand or should say, personal assistant with the voice-enabled devices that turn on/off the appliance with your voice command. If you are making food and your hands are occupied, your personal assistant can play something entertaining for you with just your command.

The best examples of voice-enabled devices are Google Assistant or Alexa which will help you make your home smarter.

The Bottom Line

Making a home smarter with smart home technology is not difficult and not at all only tech savvy’s cup of tea. Anybody can make their home smart with easy home installations and setup assistance from a local support team nearby. Start making a list getting them installed at affordable prices.