Should I Upgrade My Mac to macOS Monterey?

April 15, 2022
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Apple has always been keen to explore new things and bring a better experience for their customers; macOS Big Sur is an amazing example of it. Following the same footsteps, Apple has now upgraded its operating system to macOS Monterey. We have received multiple queries asking whether it is worth to switching to macOS Monterey update or not? Thus, we are here with this blog to help you all understand for whom this is a mandate and should wait to update to macOS Monterey.

Why Should You Update To macOS Monterey?

macOS Monterey is the current macOS which was released on October 25’2021. There are many persuasive reasons for Mac users to upgrade to macOS Monterey. Following are the macOS Monterey features:

1. Live Text

This feature is all about convenience. Many times you may like to search for the information given in an image but you have to write it all in the browser to know more about it. macOS Monterey has made it simpler because it is smart enough to detect text in images and let you copy to search it on Safari in a few seconds.

The photos could be from the gallery, Safari, Quick Look and Screenshot. Just Select and Copy the text or click on ‘Look Up.’

2. Quick Notes

If you are always heading to meetings or you want instant access to a note-making app during your classes, you should update to macOS Monterey as it is as easy as unlocking the phone.

Hit fn+Q and the ‘Quick Note’ tab will open. Moreover, all your notes will be saved in the Notes app automatically.

3. Focus Mode

Indeed, more or less the features are similar to Do Not Disturb mode in macOS which once enabled lets you focus on a certain task without any disturbance (notifications, calls, etc.) However, it is an upgraded version of it. Here you will get some pre-set modes like work, sleep, and driving. Apart from these, you can create custom modes as per your convenience where you can allow certain calls or notifications.

4. Shortcuts App

If you have many repetitive tasks to perform, you can use this app to automate the process. It will save a lot of your time and save you from going crazy by performing the same task again and again.

5. Low Power Mode

Many times you would like to save your Mac’s battery as you must be unable to charge it. After updating to macOS Monterey, you just need to enable this mode, and you will be able to use your Mac for more than the usual time on battery saver mode.

6. Hide My Email

You will probably love this feature if sharing your email address with the public ends up spamming your inbox. This feature lets you make a random email address which you can share with the ones you suspect spamming from. This way, your personal or professional email address will be safe and unspammed and you will only receive emails that are meaningful to you.

7. iCloud Private Relay

If you are a premium customer of iCloud, you now have another feature to be proud of. iCloud Private Relay works like a VPN that masks your IP address with a random IP address or any country-specific. Also, it encrypts the traffic leaving your device so that no one can read it.

However, you will be unable to bypass geo-blocks and access region-locked content or services.

8. Shared With You

Many times your friends or colleagues send you weblinks which you may not be able to open at the moment. With this feature, all those links will be added to the ‘shared with you’ section of the Safari so that you do not forget to check what your friends/family sent. Moreover, you will not have to scroll through hundreds of messages looking for the links.

These features are more than enough to convince one to update macOS to macOS Monterey. However, some considerable reasons may resist you to update the current operating system.

Why Should You Wait Updating To macOS Monterey?

We know you must be thrilled to update to the newer version. Do not forget to consider these features before updating to macOS Monterey.

Since it is a relatively new operating system, it still has many bugs which need fixes. Although in the latest beta, many bugs were fixed and it is working well but as of now, you can not completely rely on this new operating system. Also, if you have an older Mac, the update may not work properly.

Most importantly some features may affect the overall productivity of your Mac. First of all, there is a Bluetooth bug that wakes a sleeping MacBook which would result in a drained battery (it can be fixed by turning off the Bluetooth when not in use). Also, Universal Control is not yet available that enables instant connectivity to iPad or iPhone by just placing it near your MacBook. However, it will soon come in the upcoming version releases.

If you are updating just to enjoy Safari updates, then it is not at all required as you can get all those updates in Safari 15.


There is no harm in upgrading to the macOS Monterey as you get many more features which will help you operate your MacBook more smartly. At the same time, you will be the first to enjoy the most recent operating updates. If you are still confused, you can consult your local tech representative to assist you in upgrading to the macOS Monterey.