Tech Talk: A Long List of Techy Terms Every Grandparent Should Know

September 21, 2022
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In this internet era, where everything is technology-induced, the senior-most elders of the family sometimes feel left out because of their lack of technical knowledge. It must be quite easy for you to operate your smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, etc. but probably not for our parents or grandparents as these things are not from their generations. All these tech terms and tech talks are new for them. Yet, many grandparents try to match the footsteps of their grandchild by willing to learn these techy terms.

If you also want to spend some more time with your grandparents, you must teach them the following terms so that they become tech pros, just like you!

Tech Terms You Can Teach Your Grandparents



While Alexa is a voice-based AI assistant, who has made our lives easier. It is still fiction for our grandparents. You must teach them how the mere term ‘Alexa’ can do a lot for them.

For instance, they can use Alexa for entertainment, saving numbers, reading newspapers, calling, setting reminders, etc.

Teaching ‘Alexa’ isn’t too difficult and will help them ease their daily chores.

tech savvy

“Are You On Insta?”

Well, the short form of Instagram, Insta is familiar to you, but not to them. They may feel confused if you say ‘Insta’ in front of them.

Rather, tell them about Instagram, and teach them how to socialize on it so they also pass their leisure time without getting bored. Most importantly, it will give them a chance to flaunt in their friend’s circle that they are so tech-savvy.

“Send A Streak”

Well, this one is tricky for them to understand. It may sound like a necessary job to them which a person has to do twice a day in this modern culture.

Take them out of their world of confusion, and tell them about the app, Snapchat. An app where youngsters share their daily moments via snaps or videos.

Click some cool and funny pictures using different filters. Create their Snapchat account, add them to your profile and ask to maintain a daily streak. This way, they will feel closer to you. Also, you both will be able to spend more time together.

zoom call

“Let’s Connect Over Zoom”

After the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the meetings, classes, and conferences are virtual. Lucky Zoom! As the company earned much more fame and profits during the pandemic.

The Zoom fever is still high in companies, educational institutions, and many fitness centers. You can teach them to operate Zoom so they can also connect with the world, and attend virtual shows, events, and fitness sessions like yoga or meditation classes.

“Do FaceTime To Me”

Another techy term that your grandparents must not be familiar with, is FaceTime. You must be saying this many times in a day in front of them, which may put them in confusion about what you are talking about?

Tell them about this iPhone feature of video calling, and teach them how they can also connect with their friends and relatives through FaceTime.

“PM or DM me”

Personal Message (PM) on WhatsApp and Direct Message (DM) on Instagram are two super cool techy terms that the youngsters use 100 times a day. These terms will make them crazy thinking, about what you are even talking about!

Why don’t you try to teach them how to chat on Instagram and Whatsapp? Tell them the way, features, and what they can do with messaging apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, or Facebook Messenger.



This one is serious! As cybercriminals are being too sophisticated in their work, they keep looking for easy targets who do not know about cybercrimes and the ways they trap people.

It is important to inform your grandparents about such crimes and how they trap elders.

While these techy terms will help your grandparents to understand Gen Z’s language, make them learn a few techy things which will make their life easier.

  • Operating smartphone
  • Using Smart TV
  • Recording shows
  • Making online payments.

Also, indulging them while watching tech talk shows will help them stay updated with the technology advancements.

In The End

Teach these techy terms to your grandparents and watch how quickly they grab these terms. Soon you will be chilling with your grandparents the way you do with your friends. If you need assistance while teaching your grandparents, we are just a call away!