Smart Locks: Everything You Need to Know About the Level Door Lock

July 20, 2022
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Regarding home security, staying up-to-date with the latest technological advancements is essential. One such innovation that has gained popularity in recent years is smart locks. These locks offer enhanced security features to protect your home, even when you’re away.

While there are many companies manufacturing smart locks, most of them offer similar features. However, the Level brand has entered the market with unique designs and advanced technology that sets it apart from other smart locks.

Level Door Locks: A Blend Of Style, Uniqueness, And Security

Let’s delve into the details of Level smart locks for homes and determine whether they are worth considering for your security needs.

1. Stylish Design

Level smart locks boast a classic design reminiscent of traditional central door locks, yet they offer the intelligence of modern technology. In 2021, these elegant designs received numerous prestigious awards, including the RedDot winner, Design Award, and Gold Award. These accolades are a testament to the quality and aesthetics of Level locks. Furthermore, the design resembles conventional door locks, which can deter potential intruders, ensuring your safety inside and outside your home.

2. Multiple Lock/Unlock Options For Your Convenience

Level smart home locks come with various unlocking methods to suit your preferences. You can unlock the lock with your fingertips using the Level Lock – Touch Edition or a key card. The lock also features a keypad for easy access. In a worst-case scenario, such as battery exhaustion, you can still rely on physical keys, ensuring you won’t be locked out of your home.

3. Unlock Your Door From Anywhere

Imagine being away from home while your friends, who planned to surprise you, are amazed instead. With Level smart locks, you need not rush back home. You can unlock the door with a single tap on your phone app, providing convenient access wherever you are.

Unlock Your Door From Anywhere

4. Effortless Sharing Of Access

Gone are the days of duplicating keys to share with family and friends. Level smart locks have revolutionized key sharing by allowing you to grant access to your loved ones through their smartphones using the Level Lock app. They can use their phones as keys or configure their voices in the app to unlock/lock the door with a verbal command. And if necessary, you can always share physical keys for added flexibility.

5. Stay Connected To Your Home From Anywhere

Even when you’re away, it’s natural to worry about the security of your home. Thankfully, Level locks offer a unique feature that helps put your mind at ease. With Level Locks, you can create home automation, control door lock/unlock functions, and monitor your home for suspicious activity. This way, you can promptly take action to protect your home, ensuring your peace of mind. After installing a Level Lock, security is no longer a cause for concern.

6. Impressive Battery Backup For Long-Lasting Performance

One of the main concerns with smart locks is their reliance on batteries. However, Level Locks come with a CR2 battery that lasts approximately a year, alleviating worries about frequent battery replacements. Additionally, you’ll receive a notification through the phone app when the battery is running low, allowing you to replace it promptly. CR2 batteries are readily available in the market and are inexpensive, ensuring you won’t face any inconvenience regarding battery replacements.

7. Perfect For Hosting Parties And Events

Have you ever attended a grand wedding or event that required an invitation or pass for entry? Taking inspiration from such occasions, Level Locks offers an app feature that allows you to create an event and share a door unlock pass with your friends, family, and relatives. This pass ensures that only individuals with the pass can access the event or party. The pass is valid for the specified date and duration of the event, guaranteeing the security of your home throughout the gathering.

8. Lock Safety For Your Peace of Mind

While we’ve discussed home security, it’s also essential to consider the product’s safety. Level locks are constructed using 440C stainless steel and strengthened metal alloys. They feature a robust 6-stage stainless steel gearbox that withstands even the most challenging conditions. With Level smart locks for doors, you can trust that your home will be well-protected.

Lock Safety For Your Peace of Mind

9. Easy Installation & Setup

Installing Level locks is a straightforward process, but if you’re more comfortable with hardware and technology, you should seek assistance from your local IT support. They can help you configure the lock and guide you during installation. Once you’ve purchased a Level lock, your local IT support team can handle the rest, ensuring a smooth setup experience.

In The End

Level Locks offer a stylish and unique solution for your home security needs. Their exclusive features and competitive pricing stand out among other renowned smart lock brands. By choosing Level Locks, you’re making a wise decision to enhance the intelligence and security of your home.

It’s essential to embrace technology that can make our lives easier and more secure, and Level smart locks achieve just that. So why not upgrade your home security with Level locks and experience the convenience and peace of mind they provide? With Level, your home will be smarter, safer, and more protected.