Smart Locks: Everything You Need to Know About the Level Door Lock

July 20, 2022
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Home security is everyone’s priority. Technology is helping to improve it with its innovations each day. One of such innovations includes smart locks. These locks are smarter than ever to keep your home safe and secure even when you are not at home.

Many companies are making smart locks, but they all are somewhat identical. Only two types of smart lock designs are majorly available in the market; one that replaces your existing deadbolt and another is the one that bolts on top of your existing deadbolt. However, when the brand called ‘Level’ stepped into the market, it brought such designs and technology that bucked all existing smart locks.

Level Door Locks: Stylish, Unique & Secure

Let’s get into the guts of the level smart locks for home and check whether they are worth buying.

Stylish Design

Level smart locks look similar to old-school central door locks yet smarter than them. In 2021, these elite designs got many renowned awards such as RedDot winner, Design Award, and Gold Award. All these awards are the endorsers of level lock designs.

Another best thing about its designs is that they are similar to old door locks. People with bad intentions like robbery could be easily trapped, and you will stay secure inside and out.

Multiple Lock/Unlock Options

Level smart locks for homes come with multiple unlocking systems. You can either unlock it through your fingertips with the Level Lock – Touch Edition or through a key card. Also, it works with a keypad (which comes along with the product). Moreover, in any worst-case scenario (battery exhausted), if you are unable to unlock through a key card or touch. You get physical keys along with the product, so you can unlock your home in conventional ways. Thus, in any case, you will not need to sleep under the shed or in the garden area as you will be able to unlock the door with the physical keys.

Unlock From Anywhere

Imagine you are not at home and your friends who wanted to surprise you got surprised themselves. Well, you still do not need to rush back home. You can unlock the door with a single tap in your phone app. It is as easy.

Easy To Share Access

Earlier with traditional locks, people used to keep duplicate keys to share with family and friends. Now the key sharing culture has got smarter too, with Level smart locks for doors. Give access to them on their phones through the Level Lock app. They can either use their phone as a key or configure their voice in the app to unlock/lock the door with a verbal command.

For the worst, you can always share physical keys.

Stay Connected To Your Home From Anywhere

Whenever you are out, you still worry about your home security, right? Well, this is nothing new but, the brand Level has something new for you to keep you at peace when at a distance from home.

With Level Locks, you can create home automation, control door lock/unlock and check if there is something fishy happening at your place. This way you will be able to take prompt actions to protect your home. Thus, after installing Level Lock, security is not a concern anymore.

Amazing Battery Backup

The biggest drawback of having smart locks is that they operate with a battery. Having said that, Level Lock comes with a CR2 battery that lasts for almost a year. So you do not have to worry about the battery drainage for a long while. Moreover, you will get a notification in your phone app when the battery will be about to drain so that you do not suffer because of it.

CR2 batteries are easily available in the market and are quite inexpensive. Whenever you get the notification, you simply have to go to your nearest grocery store or supermarket and grab it from there.

Perfect Lock For Parties

Remember those grand weddings or events where you could enter only if you have an invitation or pass. Getting inspired by them, the Level lock has brought a feature in its app through which you can create an event and share a door unlock pass with your friends, family, and relatives. It will ensure that people with a pass will only get into the party.

This pass will be valid for the date and duration of the event. Afterward, no one will be able to access it to ensure the security of the home.

Lock Safety

We discussed home security but what about the product’s security? You must know how secure this lock is to protect your home.

Level locks are made with 440C stainless steel and strengthened metal alloys. Also, it has a 6-stage stainless steel gearbox that stays stronger in the toughest conditions. Hence, your home is quite safe with Level smart locks for doors.

Easy Installation & Setup

Level locks are quite easy to install, but people who are not very friendly with hardware and tech-savvy must call local IT support. They will not only help in configuring your details, but they will also help you in installation. Thus, you just need to buy a Level lock, the rest can be taken care of by your local IT support team.

In The End

Level locks are indeed stylish and unique in their own way. There are many features that you won’t get anywhere else. Moreover, they are cheaper than many renowned smart lock brands. In short, Levels locks are a wise choice for a smarter and more secure home.