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Benefits of Upgrading to the New iPhone 11

November 8, 2019
Comment Enozia Vakil

With iPhone 11 hitting the market officially, you are not alone in thinking to upgrade your phone to a brand new version of Apple’s iPhone. If you are confused, this post is specially made for you to decide whether to go for this iPhone or not.  Benefits of Upgrading to the iPhone 11 Better display…

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10 Top Features of iOS 13

October 9, 2019
Comment Enozia Vakil

Apple released its latest iOS 13 on 19th September 2019 and its 1st update iOS 13.1 on 24th September. Let’s study 10 of the most amazing features that iOS 13 has to offer to the iPhone and iPad users: 1. Dark Mode This is probably the most talked-about feature that Apple has rolled out with…

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